Very Few Republicans, Have denounced and

directly Distanced Themselves From Trumps

(No joke)

overtly Racist Comments supporting the KKK

Nazi marchers calling them “Very fine people”

And now 67% of Republicans Agree with him

Make No Mistake, That # is Down 15+ Points

from his core R-base approval Rating. But it’s

official. If you’re Republican Who’s Not Racist

and doesn’t wish to Input Domestic Economic

& social Policies of Hate, the ONLY Time to go

On Public Record Is Now. Some Did, But Most

didn’t & even approved of it. That is disgustin’


The clock ran out. It’s all over for you Fuckers

and NOW YOU OWN IT ALL forever. Oooooops

History’ll not be kind to The Entire Republican

Party of hate. It shouldn’t be. When the forces

we fought in the Civil War & WWII are lauded

and Supported by The POTUS, shit has simply

goneoff the rails. This isn’t a game it’s peoples

lives. 67% of Republicans have all Picked their

side of KKK nazism. History will eviscerate em

This great country is not 1930’s Nazi Germany

(Fake President)

UNITED We Stand. Assholes Like Trump are in

for a rude awakenin’ by every American citizen

NOTE: Terror In Barcelona Where A Terrorist
Uses A Van, To “Murder 13” Innocent Citizens
This’s Pure Evil, And Must Stop This Was ISIS
NOTE II: KKK Nazi Asshole Cries When Seein’
The Cops Are Coming, For His Racist Violence
Little Coward Lying Racist Snowflake Assholes
He Lied, And, When His “Violence”, Has Police
Consequences, They Cry. They Love Terrifying
Others, But When The Law Is Enforced On Em
They Can’t Grasp How Hatefully Ignorant It Is

Have a day!

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