200 Days Of Bummer…

August 8th, 2017

With all things fallin around Trumple

Thin Skin And The Entire Republican

(Nope, just you)

shit show circus of lies and impotence

Let’s turn To The Democrats. So what

exactly are they doing? Obstruction is

important when Sociopaths are trying

to Dismantle Healthcare Solely for tax

cuts for the Top .3%. Oh & tax reform

It Is The EXACT Same Plan Of Cutting

all taxes to Fuck Over the Government

While ‘Ruining’ The Economy, Just Like

(Don’t work!)

W Bush Did. Aside From that It’s all a

Collection Of Racist, Xenophobic Crap

to Block. BUT….What Specific Policies

Do ALL Dems Stand For? Single payer

Nope, Not All. They Need To Move To

the Bernie Sanders Wing and Vocalize

The Shit Out Their Specific Policies. It

would do Wonders For All Voters Who

Are Not In That, 15-23% Of hard core

“Always Trumpers” No Matter What &

(We know)

it gives Independents something they

can Drastically see’s a Vast Difference

Their message Should Be “We Totally

disagree with these horrible policies &

it’s Because WE Have Better one’s” by

going on To Explain them all in Detail

And they’d Never Lose elections again

(Also: Republican assholes who voted
to Repeal the ACA, ‘Find Out’, That All
Voters Are Pissed, Not Backing Down)

NOTE: Trump “Tweets” Make Him The
Leaker And “Creep” About North Korea
It Was SO Bad Nikki Haley ‘Stated’ One
Hour Later She Can’t “Comment” Since
It Is Classified. Wonder What Jeffy ‘Elf’
Sessions, Has To Say, About THIS Leak
Call’s Tweeting From Inside The House
NOTE II: Only 24% Of Americans Trust
‘Information’ Coming Out Of The White
House. His Base Is “Folding” Like A Big
Coked Up Superman On “Laundry Day”

Have a day!

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