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The world of Trump is Crumbling all Around his fat, lying, Racist Nest head. His Approval (“Loud noises!”) rating is Like A Chunky Turd Flushed down a big toilet at 33%. He Lies so much Daily that his body must be 100% asbestos or he’d just Burst Into ‘Flames’. He’s So Much Methane If someone […]

Us by Supporting a Bill that slashes LEGAL Immigration. Psssssst, Your (Yes, Worry) fucking wife’s right there. But white Nationalist Racists don’t Really care But now a Lot of Republicans are so starting to break. Ohhhh don’t think for a Second it’s about conscience it is solely about re-election and being branded All as Having […]

We Already ‘Knew’ The Russian Adoption story was a lie. And who was the source? (“Let’s Lie!”) Trump. Oh, Things will Get Worse for all these lying hateful Treasonous failures & you can bet it ALL comes out in the wash Trump is getting “sued” for his Seth Rich Fake Story Lies created by Fox […]

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