Usual Hollow Non-Apology…

August 15th, 2017

Racists are always good for one thing

The old “Non-apology” apology. They

(So common)

ALL Do it. Trump was no Different, &

it rang just as Hollow, fake as they all

do. See, When it Takes 3 days AFTER

he Encouraged it With A “Many Sides”

gift to racists it’s never true. Let’s not

forget before his canned statement of

bullshit, on Twitter he was ripping on

a CEO who Quit because of His Racist

fat ass. Since then 3 others have quit

His Words, Do Not Match his Others &

(“Out goes Frazier”)

Certainly Not All His ACTIONS / West

Wing Appointments (Miller, Gorka, &

Bannon). Anyone not Grasping this is

Either A) lying B) the dumbest person

on The Planet or C) Racist themselves

I’m going With A or C, but Never Rule

out B. Because Racists ALL have B you

see. If they didn’t They Wouldn’t all be

racists. The best way to handle racists

is expose their Identity. The worst shit

(<-Sorry POS)

you can do If Media, is Give em Your

platform to spew their hate. It’s been

so Bad, Families Are Disowning Many

of the Attendees. You can Bet the FBI,

CIA & All Clandestine Agencies are All

aware Who these Treasonous Fucks R

NOTE: Do You Know Trae Crowder?!?!?
Well You Should & He Simply Vocalized
Exactly What’s Occurrin‘ And That They
Aren’t “Winning” The Political Discourse
History Shows They Always Lose Pickin’
The Wrong Side It’s Why They’re Stupid
Yes He’s A Bit Character But Its So Nice
NOTE II : There Should Be Public Anger
At Ex -Nazi’s Trying To De-radicalize All
Current Hate Nazi’s/ Confederates/ KKK
Losing Funding From Trump. Well, Sure
Trump Doesn’t Want To “Lose” His Base
Can’t Stoke Hate, & Unfund Any Helpers

Have a day!

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