Trumps “Team” Topples…

August 10th, 2017

Much Like In Lord Of The Rings When

Sauron starts sucking, he starts really

(Ha ha!)

Sucking Hard, losing “Bigly”. The FBI

raided former Idiot Russian troll Paul

Manafort’s Home & You Can Bet They

found a lot. Their main Goal will be to

“Flip him” or let him fry. They already

likely Got Enough, that’s why they did

not offer Flynn Shit. Make no mistake

allow all the Facts To Come in. That is

the ONLY way to objectively approach

(Big Hands)

this Process. However, I should “Note”

solely by the “legal optics” indictments

& convictions are coming down for em

all. Mueller is Not Fucking Around and

Collusion/Treason Aren’t some “game”

They Are The MOST Egregious Of Anti-

American crimes. And as all things Fall

around This ‘Vacationing’ Orange Anus

he will now be Reaping Everything that

(Trump Tax Chicken)

he Sowed. Karma, it’s a total Bitch Bud

NOTE : All Republicans Are Droppin Like
Flies These Days. Nikki Haley’s Top Two
Staffers, Quit Over Family Concerns, Ohh
SURE They Did. They “See” It All Coming
Down, & Still Want Careers After All This
NOTE II: Oh Speaking Of Trumpers Goin’
Down Talkin’ Dodge Ball Head & Chinless
Wonder Jason Miller ‘Decided’ To Have A
Baby With Co-Trump-Campaign Staffer &
‘Jersey Shore’ Wanna Be AJ Delgado But
The Only Problem?!?!? Jason Is MARRIED
With TWO Daughters (One Of Whom Was
Born, Months Earlier!). Ooooooooooooops
“Family Values” My Hairy Taint. They Are
Almost All Liars -N- Cheats For Fuck Sake
Next Time, He Tries To Defend Trumpy It
Falls Right On His Fat Headed Deaf EARS
ALSO: CPS MUST Be Funded. Contact All
Illinois State Legislators, To Override The
Rauner VETO. Kids NEED School People!!!

Have a day!

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