Utterly Unfit & Home Raid…

August 9th, 2017

North Korea threatened the US, like it

does on Every Tuesday. However, this

(<-Crazy Guy!)

Time N. Korea Was Testing A Nuclear

warhead. Normally When fat unstable

children Shout Stupid insane shit, you

prepare To Defuse it, End it and Move

on. You don’t Ever Seek To Escalate it

if you’re an adult who grasp the harsh

consequences of war or nuclear war &

knowing You Have 7-9 options (Every

thing from Brush Offs, Sanctions, and

(<-Crazy Guys!)

Negotiations, to Clandestine, or Quick

ops if things Get Serious. War or even

the “Threat” of it? Never. You don’t all

Start Verbally “Pointin'” Nukes At Each

other at the Drop of a hat. Well, guess

what?!?!? Donald “Moron Ill Tempered

Baby” Trump Just Did It. He ‘Thinks’ it

is some kind of a fucking game here &

does Not REMOTELY Grasp The Larger

(Nucking Fut!)

Grave Severity of His Words. This isn’t

a movie or a TV show. Generals are all

upset with this Tone. It’s Unstable and

they aren’t even all on the same fuckin

page now. Trump can’t even follow his

own bullshit. Remember “I can’t tell ya

what our plans are, that would be sooo

stupid”. Ya, yes it Would ya lunatic ass

Normally in Tense times we have great

(Off A Cliff!)

leadership. We an insane, Lying Racist

Child Playing Dress Up As President of

the United States. These are hard days

NOTE : Trump Is Flirting With War For
ONE Reason Only: Muller Is Closing In
And He Knows His End Is Near. Simply
Put: Ex -Trump Campaign Leader Paul
Manafort Just Has His House Raided &
Searched By The FBI. They, Are All So
Going Down. Hurry Up Before Trumper
Kills Us All! Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Done!
NOTE II :  Chicken Trump Hair Balloon
Protest Inflatable Balloon Over Trumps
White House. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Have a day!

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