Trump had a big racist lunatic press

Conference, Supporting KKK Racists

(We know)

“But not all of them were Neo-Nazi’s”


It’s official. Trump is a Racist hateful

lyin’ asshole who supports Domestic

White Supremacy Terrorism. It is all

Over For Trump. You Can’t Unring A

mega Racist hate Bell like this. Toast

We have an Overt lying Racist White

Nationalist hate ass in the oval office

(He’s racist)

Republicans, just “speaking” out isn’t

enough and it’ll dictate if you fuckers

even have a Party Anymore. Those of

you who Don’t Speak out, ally and all

Stand, Firmly Against Trump, Will Be

Historically Castrated, Maligned, And

abused at levels only rivaled by those

who’ve Been the most Vile, & Hateful

Say Nothing, and They will Never get

Elected Again In Most Districts. Only

(“This fucked!”)

the deep southern racist one’s and it

Will Never Carry Elections Nationally

Nothing like this Has Ever been seen

and it’s as soul crushingly sad as it is

Hatefully Disgusting. And…..Make No

Mistake Here. The GOP Sowed All Of

this Hate long ago, now they are just

reaping the Racist Fruits. It is Rotten

fruit that Kills Them, but the Die was

Cast In The 1950’s, Over ‘Civil Rights’

(We know)

With Their “Overtly” Racist Southern

Strategy. They’ve Always Been That

hate. The wood is rotten & collapsing

Right Now This “Republican Party” Is

nothing More Than A Mega KKK Nazi

Movement, Unless They all Denounce

him directly by Name, then they must

Distance. If They Do Not, they All Are

Forever “Linked”. This Too Shall pass

but Only TOGETHER. We Already had


this fight In WWII. This time all these

losers Go Down Much Easier & Faster

Oh You Were ALL warned here. I sure

as fuck Did It all the time people. And

Trump Told The World Who he Is. We

all listened closely his days are #’ered

NOTE: Activist Logan “Outs” All KKK/
Nazi Racists. Bravo!! Shine A Light On
Them All. This Man Is A Hero. Thanks

Have a day!

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