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It seems the death spiraling party of insanity, obstruction, and loud massive ignorance….has now been “de-balled”, or at least (De-wrecking balled) politically “Neutered”. Seems demanding everything you want, while getting most all in an attempt by Obama to ‘compromise’ has now backfired badly. The “TeaOP” & “GOP” are at war with each other, and the […]

Michael Sam will be in the NFL. He will also be the only ‘known’ openly ‘gay football player’. Many more will follow, & eventually (great defensive player) it won’t even be an issue in about 3 years. So you will hear some on the right flip their entire lids for no rational reason. It’s not […]

it’s seems any valid immigration reform will never pass the house which has been renamed “Bigot-Town USA”. They don’t care, and (I’m fired soon) they never will. Until we, as a rational & just society vote all these lying bigoted sociopaths out, nothing can ever get done. They will not serve the will of the […]

Sochi Snow Blowchi…

February 7th, 2014

It’s Olympic timey time. And all over the world, these are the days during the year we’re searching for entertainment from (Will Mario medal?!?!) anywhere. If it’s 2 kids fighting over a baseball card, we’re in Some quick notes: if they added one more “o” to bobsledding it would draw WAY more viewers. They should […]

Four Heroin dealers linked to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death were arrested yesterday. Three men and one women were taken (“you’re not cool”) into custody. You ever notice when it’s a celebrity, the cops will pull out ‘all the stops’ working hard? When it’s some one else it is all “well, we will get to it […]

Former SNL alum Victoria Jackson, who’s known for the song “There’s A Communist In The White House” is running for public office this election (ah, old love) cycle. Oh wait, did I say “known”?!?! I meant “publicly mocked”, and “not to ever be taken seriously”. She’s throwing her tri-cornered Tea Timey hat into the ring. […]

Chris Christie has a problem. Oh, not drinking a gallon of gravy to wash down seven pot pies, oh no. It seems he has 5 people in (Ooooooooops) his close circle now turning on him all about the ‘bridge closing’ So five people(one being his Deputy Chief Of Staff and the other his Chief Spokes […]

Stupor Bowl, & Testy Talk…

February 3rd, 2014

Wow, the SeaHawks ‘dominated’ Manning like the 85′ Bears I was totally wrong. The entire game, all the Bronco’s looked (boom!) drunk & stoned out of their minds. Miss-cues, fumbles, turn overs, & botched plays. They got smoked like a fat blunt 43-8 Shit, I haven’t ever seen an ass beating like this since I […]

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