Michael Sam will be in the NFL. He will also be the only ‘known’

openly ‘gay football player’. Many more will follow, & eventually

(great defensive player)

it won’t even be an issue in about 3 years. So you will hear some

on the right flip their entire lids for no rational reason. It’s not a

big deal. Unless you’re talking to Herm Edwards who thinks he’s

“bringing baggage into your locker room”. Ahhhhh yes, how sad

One minority, actively being a dick to other minorities. It will so

end soon, but the “dumbest voices” in society are sometimes the

loudest. Michael is a hero for existing. What makes this so sad is

if we didn’t have intolerant bigot assclowns, he wouldn’t have to


be. As time passes, the bigots will die off, the hate will go into the

dark corners, & we will be rid of this insane bullshit soon. So, the

best way, is shine a light on it all. Only then can all societies scorn

drive that hate away. At least it makes them feel the public shame

The university always stood by him, & all the rational kind people

Hilarious FOX Hates “The Lego Movie”?!?!

Well FOX Business thinks Hollywood’s pushin’ an anti-business

message. Ahhhhh yes, if anything show-business isn’t interested

(oh for fucks sake)

in the ‘business’ part of that anymore, right? The planet they live

on must be such a fun place. It’s a “bigass fucking bubble of deep

ignorance”. It opened to a massive “$69 million” opening weekend

but it’s totally not pro-business. I’d say these fucking morons lost

their minds, but you have to have one, in order to lose it. They so

thought the character “President Business”, voiced by 1 Will Farrel

was a direct swipe at Mitt Romney. Um, it’s a fucking Lego yellow

dude. Is Mitt 2 inches, yellow, & Will Farrel’s voice? Noooooooooo

The best part, from the movie It’s A Wonderful Life a guest asked

(oh yeah)

“You’re defending Mr. Potter?”. Monica Crowley snaps back a “Yes”

They’re worried this movie is propaganda for children. Oh all that

projection. It’s what THEY would do, but ignorance & hate are the

best of friends. Throw in a little racism & you got the GOP cocktail

Have a day!

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