It seems the death spiraling party of insanity, obstruction, and

loud massive ignorance….has now been “de-balled”, or at least

(De-wrecking balled)

politically “Neutered”. Seems demanding everything you want,

while getting most all in an attempt by Obama to ‘compromise’

has now backfired badly. The “TeaOP” & “GOP” are at war with

each other, and the accidental winners are all of us. The House,

will pass a “Clean Debt Ceiling Raise” only because when u elect

morons, they can’t ‘decide’ what to hold it hostage for. Many of

the idiots want to end the ACA not realizing that ship has sailed

They have no unity, no ideas, no policy & pretty soon, no ‘party’


When obstructive ignorance is all they offer, we can get that for

free by hiring no-one. Expect ‘more caving’ with no end in sight

It’s really such a great thing. Shit can actually get accomplished

for once. And look out mid-terms! Just be informed, & VOTE!!!

The Old “Super Racist” Guy

Racists have been more vocal lately. Maybe because they ‘know’

they’re dying out. Well this ‘loud tiny nothing’ in Enid Oklahoma

(“I’ll be worm food soon”)

named Gary James is a massive racist who refuses to serve gays,

Muslims, ni**ers, disabled, & Democrats. My my we sure do got

the new poster boy for the American Tea Party of today. Such a

“classy fella” right there. Well, the internet has a way of putting

cum dumpsters like Gary in their place. A “facebook restaurant”

page seems to have disabused him of his worst notions. His tag

line of his racist wear t-shirt is “Where the great Whites gather”

I assume he means a septic tank, or a ‘mobile home’ with STD’s


covered pillows, and scorching cases of ‘pink eye’. A “Yelp page”

also popped up blasting him as well. Nice. Clearly he’s an ‘older’

guy about to die. Then the world will have one less racist asshole

It also seems he didn’t read title II of the Civil Rights Act. Ooops

Tomorrow: Chuck Todd Grows A Reporters Spine. Wow!

Have a day!

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