it’s seems any valid immigration reform will never pass the house

which has been renamed “Bigot-Town USA”. They don’t care, and

(I’m fired soon)

they never will. Until we, as a rational & just society vote all these

lying bigoted sociopaths out, nothing can ever get done. They will

not serve the will of the people, they will do the biding of the top 2

percent, racists, & corporations who line their pockets. They don’t

give a fuck about 98% of us, & until all of us voters are ‘all’ actively

informed & use “votes” as a weapon to end careers, they won’t care

They only have 3 modes in office right now: obstruct, never pass a

bill of any kind unless it helps corporations, and be “big ass bigots”

(“I’m a hate peddler”)

They scream, “but immigration will help the Democrats then”. Yes

it would, but solely because everything coming out of your fat yaps

is utter hate & abuse for your fellow American’s by labeling anyone

who looks brownish/not white “Illegal”. *Cough* Laura Ingraham?

She claimed that Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor, “Cared

more about her immigrant family than the Constitution”. Oh, let’s

forget she’s a US Citizen, born in Puerto Rico. You know, a part of

the US. Her parents are citizens too, but if you’re Latino, Cuban, or

literally any of over 20 different nationalities, to Laura and her pals

you’re all “illegals”. If you don’t boot out these asses, always will be

“Ringmasters” In The Turd Circus…

RNC chairman Reince Priebus tweeted that “All RNC staffers were

banned from contact with MSNBC” after MSNBC tweeted this gem

(truth stings)

“rightwingers might not like Cheerios’ new Super Bowl ad featuring

a multi-racial family”. It turned out to be “true” when looking at all

the comments about it. It’s not news Republican have a big “racist”

problem. But MSNBC’s president Phil Griffin, “apologized” for just

stating an obvious fact the entire country already knows. Not news

When you call out the obvious facts they know, you must apologize

Phil is the classic liberal pussy mold solely existing to make $, & lie

Must be a great guy to work for. You state a fact supported by 100’s

(not likely ace)

of direct examples, your boss flashes his puss & throws you under it

Well, good old “Before a bus” Reince was back on MSNBC spewing

his usual line of “bullshit” here. It seems he’s up for “rehashing” the

Bill Clinton & Moncia Lewinsky scandal against Hiliary. Oh, ‘goody’

Translation: “Uh we have no policy to offer and literally got nothing”

Ahh yes, the old “let’s pretend it’s the mid to late 90’s” games. What

a great idea. So next, tell us all how Lincoln is “today’s Republican’s”

They aren’t a political party anymore. They are a mixture of hateful

(turd in the punchbowl)

insane xenophobic bigots and morons. Trying to get anything valid

from them as a group politically would be like “herding drunk cats”

Tomorrow: First openly gay football player Mike Sam, a hero

Have a day!

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