Chris Christie has a problem. Oh, not drinking a gallon of gravy

to wash down seven pot pies, oh no. It seems he has 5 people in


his close circle now turning on him all about the ‘bridge closing’

So five people(one being his Deputy Chief Of Staff and the other

his Chief Spokes Person) have all come forward stating Christie

“Evidence exists…tying Mr. Christie to having knowledge
of the lane closures during the period when the lanes were
closed, contrary to what the governor stated publicly”

Well who said that?!? Ex-Port Authority official David Wildstein

who was HIRED directly by Christie. Oh, well surely, “Dr Fatty”

(there’s David to your right)

knows about ALL of this, and David will be, “producing e-mails”

on it all, right?!? Sure but fuck it, LIE. Lie like a rug, like a bitch

And attack, attack, attack. He verbally attacked David, MSNBC,

Bill Stepien, Bridget Kelly, & claimed he “didn’t know David” in

their highschool after being together in pics & fuckin’ hiring him

And now comes “the game”. Every fucking lying politician plays

it. Lie, KEEP lying, & then when out of options, lie again. And if

(Kelly left, Bill right)

anyone can lie big, it’s bully shit Christie. What he knew & when

will all come out in the wash. It always does, & the truth will out

Republican Front Runner Today…

It’s *drum roll* Mike Huckabee! Ta-da!!! The clown car rolls on

for all to see. Eventually, stepping on the gas going over the cliff

(good luck)

They are like a drunk trying to keep a job, while blaming “every

one else” for their issues. No, it’s all Bobs fault I shit on his desk

Maybe Mike can try some “mirror tricks” to make it seem like a

lot more people are at his events. He already did it on his show

by pretending his audience was “bigger” using mirrors with em


Forget he’s terrible with women, minorities, Latino’s, gays, and

almost anyone not white, rural, or bigoted. He said that women

shouldn’t need contraceptive care or any government protection

from “Uncle Sugar”. Wow, such a great point so keep shouting it

It totally doesn’t make you poll even worse with women, ohh no

*hoists up beer glass* here’s to you getting the node buddy!!!!!!

Note: “Diversity” Really Pisses Off Racists

Coke had an ad at the Super Bowl this year, singing America the

Beautiful, from all nationalities, over 5 languages. The Horror!!!

(no exclamation point)

All republican’s & conservatives today just ‘freaked the fuck out’

Well, the only real feet left standing in the Republican party are

drooling morons, religious fundamentalists, and massive racists

And don’t tell em the song was written by Kathy Lee Bates, a gay

women or else their heads will explode into pieces. Wait, tell em

Former “token Tea Guy” Alan West who is ‘out of work’ thought:

This was a truly disturbing commercial for me, what say you?


Um, well, I say you’re all loud insane racist morons. Oh, they’re

not remotely done. Tweets from morons saying they “could not

understand it”, “I’m switching to Pepsi”, “Im truly disappointed

in @Coca Cola 4 the offensive #SpeakAmerican commercial last

night. Speak English!”, & “illegals will learn English, right…”. So

they aren’t intolerant of any diversity in our nation now. That’s a

(sure you’re not)

text book definition of racism/xenophobia. But never count on a

racist to ever accept their racism. Always add “coward” to the list

Tomorrow: Victoria Jackson’s Political hat, & John Elway Tea!

Have a day!

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