Four Heroin dealers linked to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death

were arrested yesterday. Three men and one women were taken

(“you’re not cool”)

into custody. You ever notice when it’s a celebrity, the cops will

pull out ‘all the stops’ working hard? When it’s some one else it

is all “well, we will get to it in time”. What a difference an Oscar

makes, right? No matter, nothing will bring him back & nothing

will prevent another heroin overdose. It’s a deadly ride, & it will

not stop as it hasn’t throughout history. Soon, it will be less, but

always around. Their are some demon’s we just can’t ever shake

Ham vs Nye

Ken Ham debated Bill Nye “the Science Guy”. It wasn’t so much

a debate, as a ‘massive logic ass kicking’. I have not seen any ass

(it was on!)

kicked that hard since a Old Man Jenkins booted his big donkey

The entire debate is here to watch for free. Warning: it is LONG

Here’s a shortened version from YouTuber CultOfDusty. Let me

explain the basics if none of you want to watch it or check it out:

Once anyone uses the bible as “proof” for something, the debate

is now over, finished, inexact, & insane. The scientist can always

be swayed by facts, reality, or any conclusive evidence. Ham just

said he won’t ever. Game, set, match. Meh it was pretty funny &

(yes you do)

fair. Anyone named for meat aka Tony Bologna or Pete Pastrami

has a tougher road to hoe, so be on your ‘A Game’. He was on his

F- game. At least now creationists have to find someone new now

The Olympics are here now, so buckle the fuck up, it is soooo ON

Have a day!

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