As Fat Dumbass Nixon 2.Blow Continues To

implode with his own crimes by his own tiny

(<-Going Down)

Hands; Paul Manafort’s Insane Counter Suit

against Mueller was just Tossed out of Court

Ooooooooooooooooooops. Forget that house

Republicans ‘issued’ A Partisan Report Lying

Trumps clear Connections With Russia. Doh!

And don’t forget Republican Meehan just did

the ol’ “I’m retiring at the end of my term” &

just Flat out QUIT. Because An Ethics review

clearly Had Even More Shit on him, than that


sexual harassment charges & cheating on his

Fucking Wife. You know, Today’s Republicans

Have a weekend!

And now, in the “That was already Obvious” segment

of Things, Trump Admits Cohen Represented him for

(<-Bus Wheels)

this “Crazy Stormy Daniels Thing”. This, after saying

he knew NOTHING about this. He lied. And that Will

end up Breaking Him Forever. Also ensuring Cohen’ll

flip on his fat ass in heartbeat. But that wasn’t all the

Orange Anus spewed. He Went on a :30 big babbling

rant with the Cast Of Fox & Frauds looking like deers

in front of Headlights as this Felonious man child did

his melt down. And how bad was his Jabbering shit?!

(Lie 2 Billion)

-He bellowed “No collusion” at least Half dozen times
-“Nobody has been tougher to Russi’er; you ask Putin”
-“I never said I left (Russia) immediately” (Alibi toast)
-“If ya go back to the Civil War it was the Republicans
who did the thing” “Did The Thing=Freed The Slaves”
(No, political policy wise, they were Progressives, D’s)
-“I watched Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd The Other Day…
You look at a CNN they’ll have a counsel of 7 people &
of the 7 everyone is Against me” Then goes on to say,
“I don’t watch them at all” (Holy Fuck what a lunatic!)
-“I’m fighting a battle…a phony battle it’s a cloud over
my head.” (No, it’s Self Inflicted lies and Crimes idiot)
-“The message now is, ‘It’s a fix.’ (No, you are Fucked)

The last One is Key. He Thinks he can “Message” his

way out of These Damning legal Charges. He can not

This Entire “Bullshit Parade” of lunacy ends with HIM

in jail. He’s incapable of being Honest. All he has is a

“game” to keep lying even when Charged with crimes

Its not a legal strategy its an attempt 2 ignore reality

I’m Entirely sick of Typing this Fucking morons name

His existence is Simply a Blight on all human decency


Yet, Trump, in usual Fashion is going down even that

much faster these days. The biggest enemy of Trump

is Trump today. That & he’s Crash Landing Directly in

to legal reality. So Sarah Suckabee Sanders deserves

everything Coming. As does EVERY who Enabled this

lying Felonious Fraud of A Fucker. Tick tock, tick tock

(Bill Cosby found Guilty today, Justice is coming fast)

NOTE: So, Think You’re Above The Law?!?! Think Again
Watch This Power Trip, Get Calmly Knock Back Down, &
It’s Clear To Me, She Might Be Drunk. What A Big Fraud
NOTE II: NFL Draft Starts Tonight. Look Out Everybody
ALERT: These TWO “Liars” Diamond & Silk AKA Zirconia
& Spoiled Milk Made Several False Statements To A BIG
Congressional Hearing. But, Also Took $ & “Endorsed” A
Racist Republican Paul Nehlen who Was Also Suspended
From Twitter For Racist Statements. Oooooooooooooops

Have a day!

With Trump Fucked, Pruit Under Investigation

for 10 violations as The EPA head & Macron in


his “Let’s barely appease this Orange Fat fuck”

we Had A Horrible Shooting In A Waffle House

by an utter lunatic. How did he get an AR-15?!

LEGALLY. He Was Batshitcrazy, And His Father

“Took His Guns” Away, only to Give them Back

WTF?!?! His Co-workers knew he was nuts, his

Family knew, he tried to speak with Trump and

was detained. This loon was a Right Wing crazy

called a “Sovereign Citizen”. And now, onto the


“Hero” who saved Countless Lives. His name is

James Shaw Jr & the entire country is proud of

your cool Reaction and Heroism. What a strong

person to wrestle the gun from that utter nutter

Thank you! Speaking of A “Holy Shit”, It Seems

Trumps Pick For The VA, 1 Ronny “Inept Moron”

Jackson Has Some “Ethics” Violations. Ooooops

(So long!)

He’s not Just Getting His Confirmation Put On a

big hold he’s likely out. So much ‘winning’ here

NOTE: Republican Barely Holds On to AZ Seat by 4
Points In A State Trump Carried By 24 Points In ’16
Yes, That’s A 20 POINT Cratering Right There Folks
NOTE II : In A CLEAR Conflict Of Interest Ol Jeffery
Sessions Isn’t Recusing Himself On The Big Michael
Cohen LEGAL Case. He’s In Deep Shit Ooooooooops

Have a day!

Seems Trumps lies are now catching up with him

at lightspeed. 1st, he’s not as Wealthy as he said

(Pee Pee The Frog)

Not now, Not ever. He flat out lied. Ooooooooops

Now, He ALSO Lied About His Alibi for The Steele

Dossier. He claimed he didn’t “spend the night” &

that’s another mega lie. This means that He/they

are ALL legally Fucked. If Trumps Gonna Keep on

shitting his Pants every 5 Seconds, he might want

to just try diapers…’s a real time saver. There’ll

be no Avoiding Any Jail time now for Any of them

Even if They Co-Operate, It Just Knocks The Time

down, not Away. Shit, Even Melania won’t “Touch”


his hand & looks like she’s living in a big “hostage”

situation. It’s insane that we are Even Here at this

point, but Not Unexpected. Trump and of All those

around him are a Dumpster Fire, with limitless gas

NOTE : School House Rock Composer & Jazz Musician
Bob Dorough, Has Passed Away From Natural Causes
At 94. Truly A Live Well Lived Great Man & Much Love

Have a day!

A white Rental Van “plowed” into pedestrians

9 are dead and 16 more injured. I will update

(Holy Sadness)

as more facts become available. This is pure

horror And Unacceptable Shit. We Will find a

reason For these “Heinous” Acts of cowardice

We will find out all the facts & that is the key

Objective Facts should Guide the way on ALL

things like This Evil. Speaking Of “Fucked UP”

Michael Cohen, And Everyone Around Trump

should be terrified shittin’ their pants. This is

almost over & They all know IT! No “Deals to


cut”, Nowhere to run. Legally is over. Tick?!?!


NOTE: Trump Lied, About His Net Worth To Forbes
And Continues “Lying” To This Day While Not Being
NEARLY As Wealthy. He, Is Not A Billionaire. NOPE!

Have a day!

No Cred & Rudy Ghouliani…

April 20th, 2018

The New Head Of NASA has No scientific

background & is a Climate Change denier

(<-Doug Dumbass)

That’s like hirin’ a new Math teacher who

thinks 2+2=Spaghetti. Can The “Trumpy”

sink any lower?!?!? Of Course, it’s Trump

He Just “Hired” Rudy-Less Giuliani, To Be

the next body On the Ash heap. And ohhh

boy did Twitter have a Field Day with him

That’s like Trying to put out a Guy on Fire

When NO ONE Will Give You H2O, So You

dump Gas on a Propane tank & wheel it in

(<-Scum Pile)

Cohen is looking at 20-40 Years in Jail for

the shit he’s Done. Trump & Crew Are ALL

fucked & they “deserve” everythin’ coming

NOTE : Was On WGN Radio, This Wednesday,
With Patti Vasquez As Their White Sox Expert
Comedian & Catch-all ‘Guest’. This Past Show
On Wednesday Was A ‘Good’ One On Sean-O
Tool Box Hannity’s…….Upcoming PR Problems

Have a weekend!

A Southwest flight from NYC to Dallas had

an Engine blow and had to make a quick &


bold Emergency landing. Wow! Tammy Jo

Shults is a big hero! All the passengers are

also Solid As They Helped Pull One Woman

“Back” Inside. Hero’s, Are Around Us Every

day. Oh, speaking of amazing shit, Trumpy

decided to incriminate Himself…..again. HA

Holy fuckballs you just Can’t make this shit

up. His Tweets will undo him every day and


his time is running out. They are all royally

screwed here & deserve Everything coming

NOTE: My Funny Friend, Dan Telfer Is Now The
“Senior Editor” of the Editorial Section For Mad
Magazine’s “New” Issues. Very Well Done Dano!
RIP: Barbara Bush She Was A Champion For All
Kids Being Able To Read & Big Literacy Training

Have a day!

Someone check on Sean Hannity…he might be

lost so far up his Own Ass, that’s he Is stuck in

(<-Going Down)

his own throat. Seems Hannity is not remotely

smart Enough to Grasp Him Claiming that one

Michael Cohen “Isn’t” His Lawyer. Ohhhhhhhh

good, so all the “Fixing” Cohen did is not at all

protected By Client Attorney Privilege. This, Is

simply ‘Karma’, Parking Right On Lumpy’s FAT

lying Partisan Bigot Head. This Will Get Worse

by the hour for Cohen, Trump, Hannity and all

(Tick tock!)

those around who lied, obstructed and covered

for overt Criminals. Speakin’ of “royally fucked”

Trumps “Immigration Hate” Bill just got hosed

And, By Trump sStolen SCOTUS Appointee Neil

Gorsuch Who Sided with Liberals. But don’t ya

dare think he’s Views Were correct. His “views”

were that He Wants NO Federal Governmental

“Regulation” in general. Ohhhh boy. While this


is a good Thing, his reasoning on why is flawed

All That “Winning” is Keeping Trumper Unglued

NOTE: Starbucks Reacts Swiftly Over Two African
Americans Getting Arrested In Their Store And As
A Rule Of Thumb, They ‘Did’ The Right Thing Here
RIP: Harry Anderson, Was Such A ‘Talented’ Actor
And He Has Sadly Passed, Away At 65. You Would
Remember Him, As The Judge In Night Court, And
Nothing, Was Finer. Funny, Thoughtful, & Brilliant!

Have a day!

Things in Trumpland are getting Worse every

day; and they’ll exponentially get devastating

(Jail’s That Way)

with every passing Hour. Comey was so clear

“I don’t think he’s medically unfit to be President.
I think he’s (simply) morally unfit to be President”

Comey simply Explained Everything we’re all

already aware of About Trump. He called him

unable to every tell the truth, “treats” woman

like pieces of meat, & sees moral Equivalence

in Charlottesville That doesn’t Exist. We knew

this, but this Is Simply Explaining What every

Person Working On This Investigation, Knows

(Coming Soon!)

as well. Speaking of Totally Fucked, it Seems

Michael Cohen Had One Sean Hannity As his

“Client” as well, but Hannity Denies that. But

if true, then Cohen was doing “Clean Up” shit

NOT LEGAL Shit, Meaning, There Is No Client

Attorney Privilege. Ohhhhhhhhhh boy is Sean

fucked! They are ALL Going Down. Every one

of them. Each Hour Will Bring Them Closer to


jail. And for Many of Them, Being Older that’s

a Death sentence. Oooooooooooops. Tick tock

NOTE: Alex Jones, Who Has “Almost” Lost All Of
His Hate Business, Now Lost What He Never Had
His Tiny Mind. HA HA HA HA HA, What A Lunatic
And As He Fades Into Irrelevance Losin’ $ Seeya

Have a day!

Cohen Tell & Running Away…

April 13th, 2018

Michael Cohen, is In A World of Trouble

and going down faster than a plane with

(<-Lie Holes)

no wings. It’s So Bad these days, that he

is yelling “Hey, you can’t Look at Any of

these Documents!”; which is like Telling

the Cops, “Whatever You Do, Don’t look

under my back porch 6 Feet down, OK?”

They Already GOT Your Shit, you are so

royally Fucked….and so Is Trump/Every

One Around Him. Notice, Pence Is VERY

quiet?!?! His Lawyers Told Him to SHUT

UP & he, knowing he’s fucked to, listens


It’s getting to “Bad” out there for talking

heads & ALL Republicans They are even

“Running away” from reality & elections

There is no Good news if you’re a TeaOP

Republican Now. Trump is Always Yours!

NOTE: The Orange Anus Pardoned Scooter
“I Out Agents” Libby. Let Us Forget He Was
Already Commuted & Had All His Rights So
Why Now?!?! This Is A DIG At Comey Since
He Put Patrick Fitzgerald, The Guy Who Did
Find Him “Guilty”, In Place. This Is Another
Attack All On The Law Sayin’ “Commit ANY
Crimes You Like, I’ll Pardon Your Lying Ass”

Have a weekend!

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