Conor Lamb wins in a HUGE upset in PA

The Voters showed up. Turn out was big

(20 Pt Swing)

& Lamb won by 627 Votes. There is not a

“Recount” Triggered, Since It Is A District

race. My best “guess” is Saccone will be a

shitty loser, They will Pay for a recount &

the gap will widen (it almost always does)

This is A MASSIVE Slap in the Face of the

Trump Crew /The Entire Republican Party

They Were Served Notice. None Of it Ever

matters………..Unless you rally all to VOTE


Speaking of “Rally”, The School Walk Out

was a massive success. They’ve ‘All’ just

captured the “attention” of the world and

it is clear Change is coming fast. Nice job

These “Kids” Being Dismissed, Are Really

changin the world; scorn em at your peril

3 “Bombings” sadly happened around the

SXSW Fest Neighborhoods. It Targeted a

group Of African Americans, & A Hispanic


Right now it appears to be a hate crime &

will be treated as such until solved. If you

see a Package in this Area, you just didn’t

order, Call The Cops /Bomb Squad. Better

to safe than sorry. This is some scary shit

RIP: Stephen Hawking’s Passed Away At A
Fine Old Age Of 76. He Didn’t Die He Lived
Forever With Truth, & We Will Never Forget
NOTE : Trumps “New” Economic Advisor Is
An Old Lying Fraud Who Thought Our Huge
Recession. Wasn’t Even Coming. So EVERY
Prediction He’s Made Has Been Way Wrong

Have a day!

Today’s a Big day. Because the Orange

Anus “Fired” Rex Tillerson For Making a

(“I’m What?!?”)

Comment About Russia Nerve Gassing

someone?!?!? Nope. How about Betsey

DeVos’s being Damaged Badly by A 60

Minutes Batshticrazy interview?!?!? Oh,

or how about Trump’s close aid getting

escorted out of the “Building” not even

letting him collect his Jacket?!? Or was

it The GOP ‘Playing Partisan Politics’ Of

Hate/Shame, When ‘ONLY’ Republicans


decided their Big Fraud sham “Russian

Collusion With Trump”…Dressed Up As

bad ‘High school theater panel’ was so

over. Oh and they Found NOTHING But

then Again, Never Really Looked At All

the overt Collusion Mueller has already

indicted. Did they interview any of em?

NOPE. The Entire Republican party has

sided with russia on all matters. This is

(Looking At You!)

isn’t a fuckin game & it all starts tonight


Have a day!

Sick Today…

March 12th, 2018

Knock out Cold. Sorry, no Excuses from me

Just gotta get sleep and bounce back with a

ton of Work to do this Week. Tomorrow you

get DeVos destroyed, Republicans seal their

fate, porch package racial bombs. Digusting

Have a day!

Louis Farrakhan is simply The Racist Nazi Alt-Right

in black Face With A Bow Tie. He is the exact same

(This Much Racist!)

hateful Views, Just With Another Color. He’d Really

get along Fine With The Racists Because they all do

share their views of Racist Hate. Doesn’t matter the

color Of The Racist. ALL Racists Suck. They’re LAZY

See, They Figure “Man, I do NOT Wanna judge each

(We Know)

person Case By Case….I want to say Fuck that noise

and so I’ll make it easier with blanketed fast Racism”

NOTE: No, Video Games Aren’t The Root Cause For The
Mass Shootings/Gun Violence. Trump, And All Of These
NRA “Whores” Will “Ignore” EVERYTHING But The Guns
NOTE II : Trump Meeting With Kim Jong Un. Oh Boy Hi
League Of Lunkheads. Trump Is Doing This Solely For A
Boost Of HIS Image. This Is ‘The Only Time’ Our Leader
Went Into A Meeting In A Weakened Position It’s A Trap
To Get Them, Trading Other Things. Oooooooooooooops

Have a weekend!

White House Consul Donald McGahn Has

placed the entire Drumpf White house on


“Felony Watch”. Trump asked him to fire

Mueller in July. And McGahn Told all this

to Mueller. Then McGahn Had to Remind

Orange anus he ordered this. Trump lied

again Claiming, He Never Did. So Donald

went Back Telling Mueller About Trump’s

denial. But that’s not all, it seems Chump

decided To Ask McGahn and Priebus bout

(We Know)

their “Interviews” With Mueller. Ooooops

And Both went Directly back to Mueller &

explained what He Did to Mueller. This is

damning. All this while Stormy Daniels is

poised to drop Orange Idiot Dick pic. Ahh

shit, I just Threw Up In My Mouth, then it

happened 7 More Times After Thinking of

it Again In Mind. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

(File Foto)

The Party of “Family Values” my Hairy ass

And trump will be their final demise; good

NOTE: Sorry, I Don’t Celebrate International
Woman’s Day. In Our House…You Don’t Just
Get A Day. Appreciation Is Year Round Right?

Have a day!

The entire White House these days looks more

like the Turnover rates at a Rendering Plant or

(Sure it is)

some Horribly Shitty Telemarketing Company

Economic adviser and plutocratic racist moron

enabler Gary Cohn’s gone. He said it was over

“tariffs”. It wasn’t. He stayed for racist lies, he

stayed for The Most lunatic bullshit shit on this

planet. He Got His “Tax Cuts”, For Him & All of

his friends, see’s what’s Coming for Trump and

all of his felonious frauds so he bolted. You will

see even way More Daily as they’re trying to all

(Oh, That)

leave ahead of What Mueller’s Got Coming and

you can bet, it’s for everyone left standin’. This

isn’t A Fucking game folks. Speakin’ of “games”

Turd Cruz is Playing a VERY Dangerous One In

Texas. Beto O’Rourke is Going to beat that man

and badly. It’s not just that Beto’s a progressive

it’s that he going District to District, listening to

every citizens needs, not taking any PAC $ from

anyone, And Offering Actual Policy Solutions To

(Good luck!)

HELP These Good People. And, What Did Teddy

Cruz Do?!?! Call Him Names. Oh Boy their first

debate is going to be a bloodbath. The only shit

Republicans have today are insults, smears and

personal attacks. No Policies, Solutions or ideas

to solve these voters problems. Beto “does” & it

will be Obvious. His Campaign Right Now is one

Great “Blueprint” On How To Run In Red States

(Time’s up)

LISTEN to your Voters, they want your Policies

Not insults, lies, Tax Cuts & games. Ooooooops

NOTE: Stormy Weather Now That She’s Suin’ The
Orange Anus Since He Never Signed The NDA And
That Means….Yes, Photos & Video Of That Fat Shit
Having Sex. He Fucks Up Our Country, Now Ruins
Our Eyeballs Forever. Naaaaaaaw Won’t Take That

Have a day!

It seems These Days most all Republicans are

either trying to law low or scream “Fake news”

(I’m Fake News)

One Crazy nutter named Claudia Tenney said,

“It’s interesting that so many of these people that
commit the massmurders end up bein Democrats.
But………the media doesn’t talk about that either”

That’d be Because it’s NOT true. She lied and

flat Out Made it Up, Like EVERY Republican Is

almost guilty of Today. When questioned bout

her “Overt lie” She yelled “Fake news” & RAN

Is that their new Tactic when caught in lies to

drop a smoke Pellet Batman Style Yell “FAKE”

then run Away. This is Utter lunacy people, &

we got Plenty of that With Sam Nunberg’s big

(Derp, Herp!)

mega massive meltdown. So the biggest take

away from His lying lunacy live all on MSNBC

was he is Trying to Protect Rodger Stone and

Steve Bannon. But, Also Likely Himself. They

are ALL going down as well. This isn’t a game

All, While, The Tribal Twit Tantrum Troll Says

“No Chaos, none. Nothing to see, we’re great”

It’s Keven Bacon yelling “All is well, all is well”

Speaking of ‘Corruption’, Nashville Democrat

(Corrupt shits!)

Mayor Megan Barry stole tax payer $, fucked

her security guard in an affair payin’ him and

is Resigning. What An immoral Corrupt Piece

of shit. We keep it Real here no parties ONLY

policies. Time is Running out. Tick tock folks!

NOTE: West Virgina’s Teachers Strike Is Really
Working. Their Chants?! Meh, Also Are For Me
But Only If You’re Born In The 80’s With We’re
Not Gonna Take It. Hope, It Is ALL A Fair Deal
NOTE II: Roy Moore Is Broke & Begging For A
Lot Of $….That Will Never Come. Ooooooooops
NOTE II : Lying Talking Troll Kellyanne Conjob
Violated The Hatch Act. Oooooooooooooooops!

Have a day!

It Seems Sam Nunberg Thinks that Grand Jury

“Subpoena’s”, Are Just “Optional” like Replying

(“Is this bad?!”)

to E-Vites, Or Additional Insurance For Rentals

He said & I Quote, “This is ridiculous! Should I

spend 80 Hours Going Over All my Emails with

Roger [Stone] and with Steve Bannon?”. Yes It

was that ‘Subpoena’ is for. It’s not a choice you

fucking insane Idiot. He Went on sayin this shit

“And then….they wanted emails that I had with

Hope Hicks….With Corey Lewandowski. Are You

giving me a Break?! It’s Ridiculous”. No it is not

ridiculous. You Just Openly Stated You will now


violated the law. But it gets better. He also said

“I am the first one in history to flat-out say, I’m

not going”. He continued, “I Think That he may

have Done Something during the election. But I

don’t know that for sure…Trump may have very

well done somethin during the election with the

Russians. If he Did That, I don’t know. If he did

that, it’s inexcusable if he did that”. They are all

FUCKED. They Are ALL going down. I have said

It here OFTEN. I’ll Say It Again. Kushner is over

Pence Is Over. Tilerson is Over. Sessions is over,

(Manafort & Stone)

Nunes Is over, Ryan is over, Don Jr is over and

finally Trump. Nunberg is Doing this “Solely” to

protect Rodger Stone(he likely did a ton of very

crooked Shit & doesn’t Want THAT To come out

so he is Fucked here. While Trump Tweets utter

lunacy “about” Obama, their entire lives circle a

large drain known as jail. This isn’t a game folks

(Just Watched his UTTER lunacy. on MSNBC Just
Moments Ago. Holy SHIT!! This Is Wildly INSANE
FYI- Mueller Has Charts Connecting Everyone IN
The Trump White House TODAY. This Is The End)

NOTE: RIP Music Store Legend Russ Solomon Dies
At 92. Watch Colin Hanks Doc All Things Must Pass

Have a day!

The Entire Country From Mueller Targeting Kushner

directly in his legal cross hairs. And Trump trying to

(Son, Ur Done!)

used Tariffs to pay for Tax Cuts for the top 1% while

massively Failing. You Can’t Make this up. With all of

this Shit, Dump’s Only Focus is on Alex Baldwin. HA!

His tweets are Getting worse, his days are numbered

and Mueller is right At His Front Door. Tick tock fuck!

Have a weekend!

Seems Trump wants to place massive tariffs on

steel coming in from other Countries. Ohhhhhh

(“I’m an idiot!”)

good. That will make us more Competitive and

we will use more US Steel, right?!? Wrong, we

as the Market Will go to the lowest price with a

solid Outcome. Tariffs only Drive up Cost/price

that ALL gets Passed Along to the consumer. It

then gets Priced Out. That is Good. But Then if

we See What American Steel Costs, Versus Any

others in The Market W/O Tariffs, We Pick That

one. It is Macroeconomics 101, Which I Have a

degree in. Trumps ‘Nationalist Minions’, Not So

(Icy Waters)

much. “Speaking” of Unqualified Turds in a the

punch Bowl. Sinclair Broadcasting is ‘Simply’ A

‘Trump TV’ Only Propaganda Network At All Of

the ‘Local News Levels’. That Is Some Ultra Bad

William Randolph Hurst Scary Shit right there?!

NOTE : H.R McMasters, Looks To Be The NEXT
Rat, Off The Trumptanic. What A Collections Of
Immoral Assholes Swimming Against The Tides

Have a day!

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