A Racist Nation?!?!

November 9th, 2016

Yes. So that happened last night

Trump is POTUS. Let, That, Sink

statue_of_liberty_crying315-1(Dark Days)


Voter Turn Out Was low. And it

is the “reason” we got him as a

sitting President. A Loud Racist

fascist lying insane asshole. The

damage is simply just startin’ &

ALL Those Apathetic 20 and 30

Something’s Who Caused this’ll

feel the Most Pain. Oh not right

now. But in 3-8 Months when a

white-nationalist-racist(We know)

batch of Tax Cuts come, and we

get Hit With Another Mini-Style

Recession, no Jobs for your ass!

We Have, An ‘Autocratic Racist’

Fascist In Power. And YOU Did

that Voters In America. You are

the Reason this Happened. And

it gets “Drastically” Worse from

Here. Free Press?! Gone. Roe V.

Wade?! In doubt. Racism?! You

donald-trump-hate(<-We know)

bet! Hate?!? Pour It On! A large

divided nation?!? Bingo! Ignore

The Statue Of Liberty?!? YEAH!

War Crimes?!?! SURE!! Human

Rights Violations?! Yep. This Is

the “saddest” I Have Ever Been

And if You Don’t Think Trumpy

will Remember his Attackers, &

get Revenge?!? Then You Don’t

Know Trump. Some Dark Days!

NOTE: Putin, Loves Trump And
We Already Knew This They Did
Have, A “Hand” In Trolling This
Election “No Doubt” About That
NOTEII: Clinton Concedes To A
Happy Trump Happy To Hear It

Have a day!

Trash Removal Day!

November 8th, 2016

Get Out and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE

Why do you need to vote?! Well

vote-funny(No shrimp?)

because racist hateful evil pricks

like Robert Neil Thompson Exist

Find out where he works and get

his Racist Ass Fired. But Today’s

all about rejecting fear & Racism

favoring Unity and Hope. Trump

is over tonight, only if you VOTE

And The Entire Republican Party

appears to be over as A National

racist-asshole-trump-prick(<Racist On Blast)

Party. They have all just chained

themselves to the big Trumpster

fire & must accept their national

Evisceration. They, All OWN This

racist hate failure together, & no

‘Shade’ will Be Thrown their way

The Election “finally” ends today

And we can put Trump & Racists

like Him (cough) George Wallace

trumspter-fire-in-full-effect(We know)

in the Shameless bins of Society

And Trumpys “Final Voting” Day

Argument?! The Polls Are Phony

No, just his entire existence and

that fat orange turd gets flushed

NOTE: All Latino Voters, On The
Rise In Florida And That Creams
Trump. Oooooooooooooooooops

Have a day & VOTE!

In what can just be called the most

partisan “Head Fake” In All Modern

head-fake  jamescomey

political science……..FBI Republican

James Comey, just said, “OH, Yeah

it’s the Same Conclusion As July, &

Sorry About, Toothless Speculation”

This, Is, “Unprecedented”, Electoral

interference. It has never happened

In The Grand Scheme of things that

Never, Changed Voters Minds, ONE

bit. The Trump Grabbers are Voting

For Him, No Matter What. They Are

bernie-sanders-supporters(They’re racist 2?)

Not “Critical Thinkers”. The Hillary

Supporters Were Backing HER, No

matter What with Trump as the big

“Other” Option. The Problem, then

becomes Who has more Voters and

can turn them Out?!? That is pretty

much THE Question. Clinton Has a

voter Turn Out Operation, Drumpf

Does Not. They All Have Statistical

Polling, and Demographic Realities

trump-campaign-ignore-the-reality-and-carry-on-jpg(We know)

At their Finger Tips. Drumpf, Stiffs

Em. They Have “Souls to The Polls”

To Turn out. Drumpf does not. But

if Trump is Hanging His Toupee on

the “shy Trump” voter he lacks the

Very ‘Understanding’ Of His Entire

Appeal. They Are NOT ‘Shy’. They,

are so Loud, brash, Racist, Hateful

Rural White Nationalists. I do not

seth-on-trump-and-mocking-him(Racist Trumpers)

Know, About “YOUR” ‘Experiences’

with them, but “Shy” is not a word

I would use. And, intelligent is not

another one I’d ever use. All those

facts, polling or stats mean nothin’

if you do not VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

Election Tomorrow…Finally!

This has Been One of the most sad,

disgusting, bizarre, hateful & racist

trump-hate(We know)

presidential campaigns I have ever

witnessed in modern history and it

is finally OVER tomorrow. VOTE!!!!

If You Don’t Vote, you Help Trump

The Electoral Map Math is crushin’

Trump. He Would have to Win out

and THEN pick off 2-3 more states

that are not remotely in Play. Why

does the Media Want You to Think

it’s a razor thin Election?! Why Ad

revenue. If they all say she Won it

what do they air between now and

tomorrow?!? I say puppies playing

with Each Other. We Could all use

that Therapy for starters. All those

Trumpy Republicans……enjoy your

Day Tomorrow. You, Earned it ALL

NOTE: Hillary Puts Out, One Final
“Pitch” To American Voters And Is
Positive. I HATE Political Ads, But,
This Was Humanizing Her So Well
It Won’t ‘Sway’ Trumpers, But For
Anyone On The Fence(Don’t Know
How That’s Possible) It Does Work

Have a day!

The Party Parade…

November 4th, 2016

The Cubs parade was jamming

like a stoned Jazz Band. It was

chicago-cubs-parade(Very wild!)

nonstop for sure. Was so lucky

to catch it “Up close” and I can

tell you this. The 05 White Sox

parade Was Awesome, but was

Nothing Like This. Nothing like

Winning 12 Championships, In

30 years Chicago’s so humbled

And they did it with Such Class

and Such Pluck You Love It All

NOTE: Brexit Vote In ‘Trouble’
With Parliament Vote Looming
NOTE II: Trump Loving Racist
Duke Has Epic Racist Meltown
Republican, Bigot, Mic, & FAIL
UPDATE : Eric Trump, Doesn’t
‘Understand’ His Dads Base &
Also No Matter How ‘Racist’ &
Evil He Is Deaththreats Aren’t
Acceptable. There Goes Some
Of His Racists. But, Not, Many

Have a day!

Holy Balls, Cubs Win!

November 3rd, 2016

Holy shit, the Chicago Cubs Are

World Champions!! We Knew It


was possible, but they took it all

down to the Wire in the 10th. It

was “Wild”. As a life Time White

Sox fan gotta give it up to them

They did it right and ALL of this

Great City, Chicago, is so Proud

That’s why our Best Part of This

Season was Playing you Guys in

The Cross Town Classic. We did

Win, and That Was OUR Season


My Brother Daniel is one happy

man today; as is ALL of Chicago

Indeed Goodman, Go Cubs Go!!

And welcome to the club fellas!!

The Face Of Pure Evil

In Iowa a Hateful racist murder

killed two police officers in cold


blood. He has had Runs in with

the law. Most Notably at a Foot

Ball game holdin a Confederate

Flag up during the our National

Anthem. He claimed the blacks

“Took his property”. No, he was

a Racist Pile Of Shit inciting the

fans. Oh, and get This. He & his

mom had a Trump sign outside

scott-michael-greene-cop-shooter-argued-with-police-about-confederate-flag-1-900x440(<-Pure evil!)

And he Had A Past of Shouting

the N-word to A Stranger while

threatening to kill him. WTF!?!

Not All Trumps Supporters Are

Racist. That is a logic fallacy, &

lazy uncritical thinking. BUT all

Trump voters “Support” racism

They Condone it, they Own it &

they accept it/tolerate it. Which

means, I’m sorry but you are in

with the most Hateful racist big

scott-michael-greene-shooter-2(Executed them)

crowd. If they don’t Wish To Be

thought of this way, Out All the

Racist Forces. But, they will not

because deepdown then there’d

be no “Movement” At All. Think

about that. So, Trump Marches

on spewin’ he’s so sad bout the

cops; to the People who’s Views

just “Killed” them. It is far past

disgustin’ shit. My Heart breaks

racist-confederate-flag-for-trump(We know!)

The shooter should be jailed for

life. And, one less Trump Voter

This Election Showed a Hateful

side of Us hidden far from view

Now it has Trumps face forever

And more sunlight’s the answer

NOTE: Keep Calm And Vote On
The Numbers Don’t Lie From A
“Historical Reality” For Clinton
Means Nothing Without Voting
NOTE: Comey Is “Now” Pourin’
Over 650,00 E-Mail’s, And See
What Is In There. Right Now It
Is Nothing But Will Follow This

Have a day!

KKK Endorses Trump…

November 2nd, 2016

And this shocks……….no one at all!

The official news paper of the KKK

kkk_copy_2(<-Racist Hate)

which seems odd, since racist can’t

fucking read, The Crusader, simply

loves him for President. But, oh no

His Campaign, Ideas, Policies, And

Words; Are Not Racist  (Rolls Eyes)

Our Entire Country, Has Already all

been “SHOWN” This, By Trump Him

self at every fucking turn. The polls

show the entire Country rejects this

which is a great Thing. However we


must ask, the Republicans all stood

together With Very Very Very Scant

few who Opposed: Graham, Kasich,

Powell, Barbara Bush, W Bush, and

about 55 more; that’s it. So, others

are Happily Voting For Trump. That

is what is Called a Big disqualifying

vote to hold any High Office. Losers

Shit, Paul Ryan, Speaker of The Big

House already voted for Trump and


in ‘snake fashion’ said he voted for

the Party Nominee. NO! You Voted

For Donald J. Trump & All That HE

stands for you little lying Bitch Toy

What Trump exposed was the Dark

Roots Of Racism That Their Modern

Republican party was built upon for

all to see. And, the Vast majority of

Americans have seen it far too long

It only happens If You VOTE VOTE!

NOTE: Nothing Still On Comey And
No New “News” Yet. When Given It
Will Be “Covered” In Full Detail But
It Is Likely Nothing Will Come Of It
Since We’ve Had Over ’20 Hearings’
NOTE II: The Cubs Force A Game 7
Look Out World, If They Win Tonite
The World Series Is Theirs Destiny?
UPDATE: And Now, The Racist Acts
From Trumps ‘Hate’ Begin. THIS Is
Unacceptable & Won’t Be Tolerated

Have a day!

One Week Left…

November 1st, 2016

In this historic shit show. The polls

are Slightly Tightening like they all

rumps_train_wreck(We know)

always do. But for the most part if

people keep voting at the rate they

are Now, Clinton Has A Very Large

lead. So, think of it as any Fantasy

Football Match ups. When you only

have a 24% Chance/Less & no one

going On Monday Night, When the

other guy Does. It’s Really all over

but the Cryin’. It all means nada if

you don’t VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!!!

your-vote-counts(Yes it does!)

And speaking of crying, just think

of the Trump Campaign suckers if

and WHEN He Stiffs em on all the

bills he has racked up. Why that’s

already happening right Now with

A “Pollster”, Named Tony Fabrizio

Trump is stiffin his firm $767,000

Shit, he “Bragged” About It on the

fuckin’ Debate Stage, that is what


he even does. To the Rump voters

and anyone on this screaming shit

show ‘Wreckage’, you were all just

Conned. It gets worse from here &

the Free Fall doesn’t stop any time

soon. You deserve everything that

is coming your Way. It ain’t Pretty

NOTE: The Bears Actually Won A
Game Against A Good Team. Yes!
NOTE II: Watch The Courts Really
Hammer, All  Of The Trump “Poll
Watchers” Calling It Exactly What
Is It. Voter Intimidation, Is Illegal
UPDATE: Iraqi Forces “Move”, On
Mosul. Be Safe And Be Strong All!

Have a day!

Only if you’re Rural, white, & armed

The Oregon Far Right Assholes who


took over a forest preserve by force,

with guns for around 41 fuckin’ days

Have been Found Not Guilty. WTF?!

This is literally Pure evil. Oh, and do

not think for a second this won’t just

embolden ALL the racist armed nuts

just like them to commit Acts of Evil

terrorism, armed resistance and gun

play with all Governmental Agencies

This is The Most Disgusting Blog I’ve

the-bundy-assholes(Hee-Haw Asshole)

had to post. This Was Not Just Some

miscarriage of justice, this Was a BIG

license to Destroy All Our Democracy

At no point were ever innocent of the

“Conspiracy to impede Federal Police

through intimidation threats or force”

They DID that. They did it by force, &

they were Fucking Armed to the teeth

They are on tape Taunting the federal

Officers with death. But there are still

oregon-militia-standoff-group-found-not-guilty-of-all-charges-3(Fascist Terrorists)

other charges they’re facing like some

assault & conspiracy. My heart breaks

You might want To Vote, like our Vital

Democracy Depends On it. Because in

the end, it sadly fucking does (Weeps)

NOTE: FBI Comey, Will Re-Open An
Investigation On Hillary Clinton And
Right Now Has Not Signaled He Will
Have Any Different Findings Coming
But Since It’s Weiners E-Mails You’ll
Get Plenty Of Lil’ Dick Pics, For Sure
NOTE II: BOO! Happy Halloweenis!!!
UPDATE: DNC Shill, Donna Brazile Is
OUT, At CNN! Good She Screwed Us
Bernie Supporters ‘Badly’ In Primary
Unacceptable Hate: The Usual Racist
Prick Trump Supporter Lies Said It’s
“Jew-S-A” He’s A Hateful Racist Shit

Have a day!

It’s Halloweenis…

October 28th, 2016

And ya Know that we mean this

Boo! Did I scare you shitless?!?!


This is the best time of year now

in the fall. Crisp air, leaves fallin

and everyone dressed up. Life is

very Good in Chicago these days

So go Sing a Song, Write a book

or Paint a painting. The Cubs do

play tonight so all of chicago will

be watching them. Go have fun!!

NOTE: Republican, Mark Kirk Is
Over After An Offensive Remark
About Tammy’s Heritage. These
Republican’s, Are So Losin Badly
And, It Shows, They’re All DONE
Only, If You VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Have a weekend!

Republicans are in deep deep deep

shit right now; all of them are. You

rip-gop(Boo Scary!)

see, they Endorsed and Then They

“Unendorsed”. But most are sayin’

they Will STILL Vote Trump. Ahhh

then You ENDORSE Him. You just

can’t Detach The Two. But oh how

They ‘TRY’. Gutless, Un-Principled,

jello, flimsy, Spineless, weak, soft,

cowardly, and yellow bellied. They

own this Event In History. In time


they will all Regret their silly fence

sitting. It will End Most All of Their

Careers. GOOD!!! You Got Chaffetz

R from Utah, who Stated so Boldly:

“My wife Julia and I we have a 15-year
-old Daughter. Do You Think I can look
her in the eye & tell her that I endorsed
Donald Trump for president being that?”

Ahem, yes. Because you’re voting

FOR HIM you utter fucking idiot!!!

Any “endorsement” means nothin’

idiot. When ya cast a Vote for the

guy to be Elected POTUS you ARE

[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Nikon D3X 1/7/2013 10:02:17.88 Time Zone and Date: UTC-5, DST:OFF RAW (14-bit) Image Size: L (6048 x 4032), FX Lens: 85mm f/1.4G Artist: Copyright: Focal Length: 85mm Exposure Mode: Manual Metering: Matrix Shutter Speed: 1/160s Aperture: f/7.1 Exposure Comp.: 0EV Exposure Tuning: ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100 Optimize Image: White Balance: Preset manual d-1, 0, 0 Focus Mode: AF-C AF-Area Mode: Single AF Fine Tune: OFF VR: Long Exposure NR: OFF High ISO NR: OFF Color Mode: Color Space: Adobe RGB Tone Comp.: Hue Adjustment: Saturation: Sharpening: Active D-Lighting: Normal Vignette Control: Normal Auto Distortion Control: Picture Control: [SD] STANDARD Base: [SD] STANDARD Quick Adjust: 0 Sharpening: 3 Contrast: Active D-Lighting Brightness: Active D-Lighting Saturation: 0 Hue: 0 Filter Effects: Toning: Map Datum: Image Authentication: OFF Dust Removal: [#End of Shooting Data Section](Spineless)

Endorsing those actions. You can’t

escape that Shit Asshole. Not even

Houdini would Not Try Such A Sad

trick. But all the other flamin’ bags

of shit, tried the Exact Same. From

Mike Crapo (you can’t make up the

names of The loathsome Turds), to

Deb Fisher, to John Thune to Scott

Garrett, to Bradley Byrne. There is

your Republican Leadership Merica

mike-crapo-idiot-supreme(Jello Head)

We ALL know why they’re doing it

Their Voters are Split & They want

to claim their trump refusal cake &

then eat it too. All your voters, will

send you Chumps Packing because

you Split your vote. So One of your

bases isn’t Buying The Bullshit you

are “Selling”. Period. The Senate is

likely To Turn Blue. The House is a


toss up right now but Spineless R’s

created an opening. The paint isn’t

even Tacky Anymore For Electoral

Map Math. With 12 Days to go it is

pretty fucking dry. Enjoy your day!

NOTE: The Cubs Win! Look Out It
Is 1-1 Heading To Chicago For 3!!
NOTE II: Tiny Hands Drumpf Said
He Is ‘Receiving’, The Worst Media
Treatment In History. If he Means
Camera’s, Recording His Words, &
Showing Them To Citizens He’s So
Right. If Only, Trump Could Avoid
Actually Being Himself He’d Win?!
UPDATE: Now Pointing Out Racists
Overtly Racist Statements & Their
‘Massively Racist’ Actions Is Unfair
Rudy Giuliani, “To Call Anybody A
Racist Is Outrageous”. Says A Big
Racist. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh No STFU

Have a day!

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