We’re back! Sorry about Yesterday, workin’ on

a big Upcoming Project & needed full attention


It seems you’d have to be either dead or Trump

to not have seen Stormy On 60 Minutes. She is

far more Honest, Articulate and Specific Than a

sitting President. But Let Us Be Honest. That Is

everyone These Days. She Pointed Out 3 things

that were huge. One, Confirmed they did it and

when Melania Was Knocked Up. Two, She’s got

proof. And three, They Threatened her And also

paid Her “Campaign Hush Money”. All Of These

(Trump’s fucked)

are a MASSIVELY illegal, a Real no-no. It’s just

another in the even mountin’ saga to end them

The “March For Lives”…

This Weekend, “Signified” An Immense Culture

Shift. The NRA /Gun Nuts, Don’t Have A Debate

(They won!)

on their hands. That requires honesty, fairness

intellectual Rigor & Solutions. They Offer None

So It’s Simply Ad Hominem. That Means, They

already lost. The Policy Will Be Set By Those in

office who want to STAY In Office. If they don’t

they go. They Get Voted Out this November. It

is Telling, When The NRA/Gun Nuts Only “Real”

“Solution” to The Problem is: do nothing, more

guns and “let’s just attack those victims of gun

(Future’s bright!)

violence” lyin. & avoidin’ the issue. It’s the side

of people in History who LOST. Fine by me, the

young people Standing up are winning. We will

not ever Forget This “Moment”. It is pretty cool

Have a day!

Trumps days Get Darker, longer And More

fucked up by the Second. What used to be

(<-Anus Hole)

Weeks/Days, Is Now “Minutes”/”Seconds”

McMaster’s is Gone. And In His Place will

be an unhinged Sociopath war monger in

John Bolton. The Level of Ignorance That

got Him Blasted For Iraq WMD’s, Spinnin’

INR facts & lost His bid as UN rep. Seeing

as he wanted to Abolish the Entire UN we

(<-War Criminal)

all know he’s an anarchist to blow it all up

This Is Now A War Cabinet. This is Lunacy

Have a weekend!

The Austin “Bomber” Is A Domestic Terrorist

PERIOD. This isn’t news. The fact the cops in


this entire thing are just Calling him “The out

cry of a very Challenged young man”. WTF?!?

He left a 25minute video confession of it. See

the very definition of Domestic Terrorist here:

“The Calculated use of Violence (Or the threat of
violence) against civilians in order to attain goals
that Are Political/Religious/Ideological In Nature”

YES, this directly applies. Why won’t the cops

say this is domestic Terrorism?!? Because the

views Of The Religious Right/Racists/KKK are

currently, The HIGHEST Amount Of Domestic

Terrorism in the United States today. Oooops

(“He’s fucked!”)

Trumps ONLY sound lawyer To Help Him with

Mueller John Dowd, Just Split! Oooooooooops

time of death For Trump & crew Is today. It’s

all over now. The only legal assets left for the

Orange Anus is a lunatic lying Conspiracy nut

named Joseph DiGenova. Good luck with that

you Fucking Moron. Jail looms Now. Tick Tock

Trump & crew will get more unhinged as days

(Pubic Head)

pass and Mueller’s about to close them all out

There is no escape. They’re simply all undone

NOTE: Sack A Shit Saccone Finally Concedes The
Special Election To Conor Lamb. A Blue Wave Has
Now Officially Began. Only Counts, If WE All Vote!

Have a day!

Yes, Illinois survived another primary election

With all the Batshitcrazy Black and White Ads

(Oh Yeah!)

pumping creepy music, insane allegations and

someone approving of lunacy. Speaking of bat

Shit Crazy. Who Calls A Dictator You Are Now

being “investigated” as having direct financial

ties with after a fixed Election?!?!?!? Trumpy!

The entire conversation Was Leaked And Boy

is Trump ‘Freaking Out’. All His Best Advisors

warned him NOT to. He “ignored” them cause

he is “OWNED” By Putin. Period. Every Person

(“I love you!”)

knows Putin has Something Big on him, that’s

not In Question. Ex-CIA Brennon Knows It, &

we ALL Do. Speaking Of “Hosed”, Zuckerberg

is royally Zucked. The Very Thing He rode like

a rocket to stardom, just Crash Landed due to

greed, Hubris, And Ignorance. The very social

Platform he “Created”, will be used to call him

out daily. Irony. Oh, and This Just in; McCabe

had An “Investigation” Going on about Jeffery

(“Guilty! Wait, no”)

Sessions. And So, Jeff Terminated him?!?!?!?!

Ooooooooooooooops. They Are ALL so fucked

NOTE: Austin Texas “Bomber” Is Dead, But We
Don’t Know If He Set “Other” Bombs, So Please
Be Vigilant Texas. He Was, A 24 Year Old White
Conservative, Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion Terrorist
He Was Also Pro-Death Penalty. Gee A Pro-Life
Pro-Death Penalty, Terrorist Murderer. How So
Insanely Ignorant! This Is, ‘Domestic Terrorism’
Period. All The Facts Will Come Out, & It Is Sad

Have a day!

Everyone Around The State Of Illinois Today

should ALL Go Out and VOTE! Elect only the

(Sure did!)

best folks who represent exactly what you all

want. I’m Looking For Progress, & The Future

Speaking of electing Treasonous sacks of shit

Trump is so Royally Fucked now. It is all over

for him. He Is Not ‘Like’ Nixon Whatsoever in

history. Here’s what Nixon Had going for him

-Cox was just starting out, not nearly far along
-There was no Grand Jury Impaneled then yet
-Nixon had something to Give with his “Tapes”
-There wasn’t ANY Indictments or Guilty Pleas
-Once Cox was Fired the place Ground to a halt
-They had no other proof aside from the tapes
-“Judges” ruled on this, not “Grand Jury’s” who
today have Exceptional Powers to Prosecute all
-In 1973 gettin’ warrants to “listen” in on or spy
was Much Harder Then it is to do today for FBI

Now, here’s the massive Differences TODAY:


-Mueller isn’t “Starting Out”, he’s Wrapping up
-He’s got their Tax Returns/Financials since ’16
-Already Issued Indictments & Has Guilty Pleas
-Legally appeased Courts with a No Knock Raid
-Already has All the Testimony/facts from every
Criminal he’s already interviewed Meaning that
he needs “NOTHIN'” from dickhead Donny Boy
just him to walk in and lie likes he’s Going to do
-Welcomes Trump or AG “Firing” him as it then
“Speeds” up the Entire Process Since the Grand
Jury can Compel a witness to Testify, therefor it
would then jail Trump if he doesn’t testify. They
can then Indict Him On “Obstruction Of Justice”
-It is ’18 not 1973 where everything is recorded
with Proper Legal Warrants/FISA Court Rulings
That WERE ALL Obtained, Legally And Lawfully

Believe it or not, Trump and everyone around

him Know these facts. They All do. That’s why

his “Lawyers” got A ton of “lawyers”. And that

Is why he Hired A lunatic TV Lawyer who just

spews lies/Conspiracy Theories. Trump Is The

Drunk Orange Bear In The “Trap”. No amount

of gnawing your own leg off will save you now


And, the Only Person worried About your trail

of blood is, Putin…….it leads right back to him

NOTE : ANOTHER “School Shooting” Another Day
This Lunacy MUST End Now. Every Day Another 1
Happens In Our Country. Utterly Unacceptable!!!!!
NOTE II: Yesss, They Likely Got, Trump Dick PICS
Let THAT Torture Your Mind, For A Second. Ohhhh
NO! 60 Minutes Has It. I’ll Pay To Never See Them
UPDATE: Missouri “Anti-Abortion” Law, Blocked By
Judge As UnConstitutional, Because Roe Vs. Wade

Have a day!

These dayz in “Trumpland” all the rides are

shut Down “Rusting”, All the People already

(Coming Down!)

ran for The Exits and The only folks who are

left in the Park, will be charged with treason

or worse. Why would you fire a guy who’s a

day away From Retirement?!?! Just to be an

evil hateful prick sociopath Obstructionist to

distract from An impending Jail Sentence. It

is pretty Clear, Trump Is not Only Unhinged

He knows what’s coming Because he DID IT

Forget Jeff Sessions Just Violated His “legal”

(<-Illegal Elf!)

recusal by now actively firing McCabe. Oops

See, When I say “I recuse myself” that Does

not Mean I can just Pop back In & out of the

ONGOING investigation ‘Firing’ people in the

FBI. They Are like Children Fucking Up Their

massive fuck ups. Kid burns an entire rug so

they cover it up with Dog Shit making it that

much Worse Thinking “There, that solved it!”

DeVos is mocked daily, Trump is so Terrified


knowing he’s “caught” with tweets telling us

it, Bannon’s running around the globe trying

to get racists up In arms While Failing and it

all comes Down 2 Cambridge Analytica from

the election Cycle telling us they “stole” data

It’s all over but the Crying, & our oceans will

rise from all the impending Tears. Tick Tock!

NOTE: The 4th Bombing In Austin, Leaves Us
All Less Safe, Everyday. It Still Appears To Be
Racially Motivated, & The New Trip Wire Does
Make It, That Much More Terrifying, For KIDS
NOTE II: Court Ruling, Favors Democrats But,
WHY Have Gerrymandering At All?!?!?!?! That
Is Constitutionally Evil. One Citizen, One Vote
This Should NEVER Be Happening In The US!!

Have a day!

St. Pats Saturday, Drink Up!

March 16th, 2018

Enjoy the best holiday of the years this year

Well, at least it’s My Favorite. And, With the


Mueller Investigation In Full Mode, About To

end Trump & Crew, There’s A Reason For all

of us to be happy! Party it up peeps. Slainte!

Have a weekend!

You Got Subpoenaed Sucker!

March 15th, 2018

The Trump Organization, Has Just Been officially

subpoenaed for em 2 produce all Russia Related

(So Much Winning!)

documents. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooops

I am Calling It Right Now. This is the beginning

of the End For Trump and Crew. All of them are

going Down. Remember When Trump Said that

Mueller would be crossing a “Red Line” if it also

started investigating The Trump Organization &

/or the Trump Family Businesses for all matters

beyond Russia?!?! Mueller Is Targeting him and

All Russian Related ‘Money Laundering’. He Will

(Chance of skating)

or already HAS Found it all. Now, he’s just askin

them to Produce The Correct “Documents” from

their end, Or “Face” Obstruction Charges as well

Mueller just took a Trump “Red Line” rolled it up

and shoved it Right up his Fat Lying Treasonous

ASS! This is just about Over and it will sweep up

almost EVERYONE Around Trump. Tickity, TOCK!

NOTE: Loyola Ramblers Move On In NCAA Tourny
With Amazing Upset Over Miami W A MEGA THREE

Have a day!

Conor Lamb wins in a HUGE upset in PA

The Voters showed up. Turn out was big

(20 Pt Swing)

& Lamb won by 627 Votes. There is not a

“Recount” Triggered, Since It Is A District

race. My best “guess” is Saccone will be a

shitty loser, They will Pay for a recount &

the gap will widen (it almost always does)

This is A MASSIVE Slap in the Face of the

Trump Crew /The Entire Republican Party

They Were Served Notice. None Of it Ever

matters………..Unless you rally all to VOTE


Speaking of “Rally”, The School Walk Out

was a massive success. They’ve ‘All’ just

captured the “attention” of the world and

it is clear Change is coming fast. Nice job

These “Kids” Being Dismissed, Are Really

changin the world; scorn em at your peril

3 “Bombings” sadly happened around the

SXSW Fest Neighborhoods. It Targeted a

group Of African Americans, & A Hispanic


Right now it appears to be a hate crime &

will be treated as such until solved. If you

see a Package in this Area, you just didn’t

order, Call The Cops /Bomb Squad. Better

to safe than sorry. This is some scary shit

RIP: Stephen Hawking’s Passed Away At A
Fine Old Age Of 76. He Didn’t Die He Lived
Forever With Truth, & We Will Never Forget
NOTE : Trumps “New” Economic Advisor Is
An Old Lying Fraud Who Thought Our Huge
Recession. Wasn’t Even Coming. So EVERY
Prediction He’s Made Has Been Way Wrong

Have a day!

Today’s a Big day. Because the Orange

Anus “Fired” Rex Tillerson For Making a

(“I’m What?!?”)

Comment About Russia Nerve Gassing

someone?!?!? Nope. How about Betsey

DeVos’s being Damaged Badly by A 60

Minutes Batshticrazy interview?!?!? Oh,

or how about Trump’s close aid getting

escorted out of the “Building” not even

letting him collect his Jacket?!? Or was

it The GOP ‘Playing Partisan Politics’ Of

Hate/Shame, When ‘ONLY’ Republicans


decided their Big Fraud sham “Russian

Collusion With Trump”…Dressed Up As

bad ‘High school theater panel’ was so

over. Oh and they Found NOTHING But

then Again, Never Really Looked At All

the overt Collusion Mueller has already

indicted. Did they interview any of em?

NOPE. The Entire Republican party has

sided with russia on all matters. This is

(Looking At You!)

isn’t a fuckin game & it all starts tonight


Have a day!

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