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It seems that way from every “abduction” story I’m thinking just a bunch of Red Necks went to (I knew it!) a Glow necklace Rave party & just had anal sex Then they “woke up” the next day, in an empty Corn Field, with their Pants at their Ankles. The story is then “It was […]

It Appears Bill-O’s in a Dysfunctional Relationship with his own words & views. And shitboy he does (“We’ll do LIE!”) not like people “correctly quotin’” his words & his exact views. See, Bill-O “Loves” Trump. He said it supporting the hateful immigrant views of Trump “(Trump was) ‘highlighting’ a problem…that is harming the nation, and […]

Oklahoma Republicans…

July 15th, 2015

Think that all poor people on Food Stamps are really just “Animals”! My how utterly expected In fact they posted this loser level of pure hate: (They deleted it) They compare the working poor to ‘animals’ at State Parks. How cluelessly hateful, ignorant & tone deaf. A lot of War vets are on fucking food […]

The Iran “Nukes” deal is done. It’s landmark to say the least. And it’s honestly a very good (Let’s make a deal!) step towards peace. Here were the main keys -The “Talks” took two weeks in Vienna, Austria -Iran will curb Nuclear production, only energy -The UN has access to all Nuclear sites, and this […]

Sorry, No Blog Today…

July 13th, 2015

Dealing with Family Stuff for the next few days. Older Parents, like we all have, & it take all of our time. No excuses but to me family always comes first; & it always will Never know how much time we have here So, enjoy every single moment you all can Have a day!

There really is no “debate” about the Confederate Flag. There never was. It was simply a symbol for (Down it comes) White Supremacist racists to rally around, period Well, down comes that shitty treasonous shit flag SC voted, & it can not be Flown on Governmental Public Property using all our Tax $’ers. Oooooops Like […]

Kansas’s Republican Draconian Governor Sam “I Fucked Up our Entire Economy” Brownback (“Uh oh”) is Gonna try the old “Bigot Boy Two Step” here When republican’s lose on policy & they always do; they then quickly try to pass ‘Bigoted Laws’ as fast as they can so nobody pays attention to them. They pick something […]

Greece voted “No” to the EU’s Draconian demands That is a clear big shot across the bow & will touch (We, we know) up national markets a few days, for “Short Sell Off” These aren’t real Savvy Investors, who truly realize what these market conditions are. It is a kid telling his parents “Hey, you […]

Dear everyone who loves the Confederate Flag, you are “sadly” under some Insane Impression (We know) the historical meaning of that flag’s now up for debate. No, it’s not. It represents slavery, hate, racism, White Supremacy, & a collection of our fellow American’s who went to war with the US & lost badly. It was […]

Did Harry Potter…

July 3rd, 2015

Ever give an STD?!?! The world wants to know (Oh shit!) Well, by the “world” I mean a couple nerds like me, & “wants to know” I mean “Isn’t a big deal” It’s 4th of July Weekend. Go light long wicks & have a blast. It’s all about family, friends & fun Have a weekend!

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