It Appears Bill-O’s in a Dysfunctional Relationship

with his own words & views. And shitboy he does

Billo Lying badly(“We’ll do LIE!”)

not like people “correctly quotin'” his words & his

exact views. See, Bill-O “Loves” Trump. He said it

supporting the hateful immigrant views of Trump

“(Trump was) ‘highlighting’ a problem…that is
harming the nation, and just didn’t speak to it
in a specific way – I don’t think Donald Trump
was trying to demonize all the Mexican people”

Then he sends his little smarmy lying attack turd

Jessie “Dirty” Waters, to Attempt to paint all the

immigrants as potential “violent murders” which

Directly Echo’s, Trumps Xenophobic Racist Views

Then, when other News sites Correctly report his

own Words, & views back to him. He called them

“Hate sites”. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I get it

Billo LOVES Trump(Oooooooops)

Bill-o does understand his words are hateful and

is just Mad they Quoted his entire Hateful views

IN CONTEXT. The Moron Bigot Tap Dancer Can’t

even stomach his own views on the ‘exact’ same

show he’s spewing them. What an Insane Moron

loser. He compared liberal blogs to White Power

hate sites. No, he is simply Upset people have all

heard his insane hateful words directly in context

And, that hurts him badly. His audiences average

age is 72. In 10 years, his “audience” will be gone

NOTE: But A Confederate Flag Isn’t Racist Right?
The Only People Saying That…Are The Big Racists
See, They Have The Legal Right, To Flag That Flag
And Every Other “citizen” Has Their Right To Call
Them Racist Assholes. They Don’t Have The Right
To Fly That Flag & Then Deny Others Free Speech
NOTE II: Right Wing Pro-Life Group “Puts Out” A
Heavily Edited Video, Creating The Untrue Claims
PP Makes No $ On The Fetus, It’s Just A Shipping
Cost. But They Hate PP So Just Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie
(Now That Video; Is Connected To James O’Keefe)

Have a day!

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