There really is no “debate” about the Confederate

Flag. There never was. It was simply a symbol for

Take it down now(Down it comes)

White Supremacist racists to rally around, period

Well, down comes that shitty treasonous shit flag

SC voted, & it can not be Flown on Governmental

Public Property using all our Tax $’ers. Oooooops

Like I’ve always said, never Ban the flag from use

by citizens. After all, I like to know who the dumb

fuck racist red neck morons are. It is simply a Big

Sign that reads: “Hey world, I am a Gutless Racist

Piece of Useless shit that should be shunned by all

Indiana Jones Rebel Flag(We know)

rational society. I am a Coward who will be hated”

That shit rag comes down on Friday morning and

that is a start. Will it End Asshole Racists from all

being racist?!? Nope. But it sends a clear message

that the Government, is not in the Discrimination

business for state property funded by our tax $’ers

Some “Broken China”

With Greece on the Verge of settling “Their issues”

we turn to China. It’s extremely dicey there. Many

BTILC good(Great movie!)

are saying it feels a lot the economic climate of our

great depression in 1929. Let’s keep an eye on that

Guess its Big Trouble In Little China. And the good

news? It appears to be a ‘one year wonder’. Where

as our Great Depression We Could see coming way

farther. There are also a lot of differences. Like we

didn’t have a Public Government, to Bail Us all out

We had a private one. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!! And it

will most likely be the important Factor. It can and

china_stock market(“Is that right?!?!”)

should put out this Stock Market Fire. Every Major

economist (Yes I have a degree in That, and by no

means an expert) expects this to be a stumble and

not a crash. We’ve come a Long way since ’29 baby

That is the biggest part & let’s hope that fixes it all

NOTE: This Republican women gets it, & deserves
to be lauded for her views, words, & deeds. Thanks
My guess’s she won’t be an R long thinking so clear
Her name is ‘Jenny Horne’. She is a Special Person
NOTE II: IS Terror Plot Foiled Over July 4th Days

Have a day!

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