The Iran “Nukes” deal is done. It’s landmark

to say the least. And it’s honestly a very good

Austria Iran Nuclear Talks(Let’s make a deal!)

step towards peace. Here were the main keys

-The “Talks” took two weeks in Vienna, Austria
-Iran will curb Nuclear production, only energy
-The UN has access to all Nuclear sites, and this
includes All the Military Sites as well to Inspect
-We will Give Them previously Frozen Assets in
aid somewhere to the tune of about $100 billion
-This is the 1st successful act of Diplomacy there
in well over a decade, if not much, much Longer
-Citizens will watch closely as all the Conditions
are Met. Iran will Highlight only their successes
Democrats will Highlight the “No Nukes!” factor
And the Republicans will lie, use fear & seek war

The “Good” is they will Never be armed with a

nuke. The bad is that in order to have that, we

had to Give Back 100 billion $ in stolen frozen

assets we ceased in the form of “Aid” for Them

We also ended a European oil embargo & other

various financial Restrictions on Iranian Banks

We extended the U.N. arms embargo on em for

up to five more years. That used to just be a big

Austria Iran Nuclear Talks(“Can I drink?!?”)

blanket ban, but if they keep passing inspection

that might Fall off as they need to Defend them

selves from other Violent factions in their State

Here is how you know this was a “fairly” GOOD

deal. Republican lead Congress hates it, & They

only want war/bombing. Also Sunni Arab rivals

of Shiite Iran have also Expressed Concern over

the deal, along with Israel. If those two factions

had it Their Way; Iran would NOT fucking exist

Mohammad Javad Zarif(Zarif fan club!)

Kerry actually did a fairly solid job here working

w/Iran foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

The only potential danger is that $. That can buy

a shit load of politicians in any country. And that

could be a dangerous thing unless we change law

Have a day!

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