Kansas’s Republican Draconian Governor Sam

“I Fucked Up our Entire Economy” Brownback

Brownback being chased(“Uh oh”)

is Gonna try the old “Bigot Boy Two Step” here

When republican’s lose on policy & they always

do; they then quickly try to pass ‘Bigoted Laws’

as fast as they can so nobody pays attention to

them. They pick something that’s already a law

then attach Open Ended Language around that

to Give All the Religious People Extra Rights to

discriminate against folks they hate. It’s called

the “Bigot Boy Two Step”. And Brownback has

Brownback holding face(“Me do bad”)

just done it against LGBT folks in Kansas. Here

“This law is designed to shield churches, clergy,
religious leaders and religious groups refusing
to perform same-sex weddings or provide goods,
services or any local accommodations for them”

And now, the Two Step. Step one, Churches, &

Clergy, And All Religious Leaders Are ALREADY

protected for refusing to perform gay weddings

It’s called the 1st Amendment, maybe “Asshole”

should read that again, since he was sworn into

office promising to uphold it. So then, Step two

Slip in the “provide goods, services or any local

accommodations” part. THAT IS the bigotry bit

right there & those evil fuckers all know it. This

will never become law before the Take Out That

Sam Brownback(“What?!?!”)

2nd part allowing for Discrimination, since it is

unconstitutional. Then they’re only left with the

1st one which is already a BIG law. These guys

are such fucking ‘LOOOOOOOOOOOSERS’. They

really are. They lost they will always lose & they

will always try to do hateful evil shit. Voters you

deserve this evil shit, when you vote Republican

NOTE: “Photo-Shit”. In the “How Low Can They
Go?” Hole, It Seems He Posted A PhotoShopped
Pic Of Hilary Clinton With The Confederate Flag
His New Name? Dinesh D’Looooooooooooooser
NOTE II: Trumps Rump Kicked By “The Zucker”

Have a day!

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