Oklahoma Republicans…

July 15th, 2015

Think that all poor people on Food Stamps are

really just “Animals”! My how utterly expected

In fact they posted this loser level of pure hate:

Republican Facebook post of hate(They deleted it)

They compare the working poor to ‘animals’ at

State Parks. How cluelessly hateful, ignorant &

tone deaf. A lot of War vets are on fucking food

stamps you losers. And after ‘Deleting’ the post

do you think they Apologized?!?!?!? Oh fuck no

Then, you don’t Understand Republicans Today

They said it was ‘misrepresented’ & was just an

“Analogy” that “compared two situations”. YES

that is the fucking problem. You compared real

human beings who are the working poor to a lot

hate-everyone(We know!)

of Animals. So this is a plank in the Republican

Party today. Bash the poor, gays, minorities or

Immigrants/Muslims/Anyone Who is Not Them

Find a Republican who disagrees with them?!?!

Bet you can’t because they will lose Votes in an

already shrinking, tiny bigot voter base. Ooops!

NOTE: Don’t Worry, “Jesus Will Pay” For My
Meal. You Can Totally Trust Me On That!!!!!!
NOTE II: Republican Scotty Walker, Is SURE
That Gwad Wants Him, To Run For President

Have a day!

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