Blackhawks Parade Day!

June 28th, 2013

The Hawks win the cup, so drink it up. It goes down smooth

every time. Sadly, I couldn’t get any pics, mostly cause the

(Nice cup!)

1st 3/4 of the main route they drove it at 35mph. It was weak

sauce hard core. Us fans in 2010 got to see them as the path

went slower with more time for people to see, and snap pics

Meh, who really cares at the end of the day, we won the cup,

and you don’t forget this. The entire city was covered in red

With everyone chanting, “Let’s Go Hawks”. It was amazing,

& the whole city must of been at Grant Park. I have not seen

(big crowds)

anything like it since Obama was elected president. Wild, &

fun stuff. Thanks Hawks, this team might go down in history

as one of the most “Talented Hockey” teams in Chicago lore

Anyone who actually drinks out of that cup, might expect a

nice case of herpes, or “hoof & mouth” disease. Big day, and

much credit to a tough Boston team, they also showed heart

I think I just sweat out 1/2 my body weight today, sooo good

Have a weekend!

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