Paula Deen did little to help her case that she is big racist

(silly bigot lady)

She appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, and it

did not go very well for her. She now painted herself into

one fat silly corner. Lauer, was pretty stern with her, and

considering the ‘subject matter’, he should be. The entire

interview is so uncomfortable, odd, silly, sad, & irrational

Here is just of ‘some’ of her most wild claims that now go

(“I’m losing it all”)

against her deposition, the lawsuit, and things she’s said:

Matt: “You have never used the N-Word other than that
one occasion?(after the bank robbery with a gun to her)

Paula: “No(shaking head no), it’s just not, it’s just not a
part of, it’s just not a……………………part of who we are”

Matt: “So I’ll ask it to you bluntly, are you a racist?
Paula: “No, no I am not”
Mat: “By birth, by choice, by osmosis, you don’t feel
you have racist tendencies?”
Paula: “No, ah as a child I was raised in a home that my
father tolerated bad grades, he would tolerate maybe me
breaking a curfew. But he told me ‘girl if I ever find out
that you have behaved in a way where you think you’re
better than others/have been unkind your butt is mine”

Matt: “So how does someone use the N-Word, whether
in anger, or in a joke, or in private, the most offensive
word to African American’s & not be considered racist?”

Paula: “Umm, the day I used that word, it was a world
ago. It was 30 year ago. I had had a gun put to my head”

Matt: “But didn’t you also admit Paula that you used the
word on other occasions?”

Paul: “No, No…”

(whoooo hooooo)

Matt: “Do have any doubt in your mind…..that African
American’s are offended by the N-Word????????”

Paula: “I don’t know Matt, I have asked myself that so
many times because, it’s very distressing for me to go
into my kitchens, and I hear what these young people
are calling each other…………it’s very very distressing”

So here’s what bothers me. Not that Deen is racist, & not

that she’s clearly lying here(because it totally contradicts

her deposition). It’s that after doing all this stupid hateful

shit, & we all clearly know it wasn’t “once” or a “slip”; this

ugly sad excuse, has the balls trying to now claim “victim”

Shit, I thought I couldn’t dislike her anymore, but she just


´╗┐sunk to a new terrible low. When the hardcore bigots are

above you, that is one sadly ugly place to live. But it’s ALL

self inflicted, which makes it that much sadder of a thing

Caesars Entertainment & Wal-Mart just dumped her. SO

it seems after the deeper bigot hole, they’re all cuttin bait

And let the sad, bloated, ignorant, hate drift into the dark

Wiley Wordy Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis didn’t want to let some harsh Abortion laws

to come up for a vote. Forget the law they were proposing

(“This much respect for you”)

is Unconstitutional, & forget that it would be struck down

by the Supreme Court with Roe v Wade. She stood tall for

11 hours on her feet to send a message of “Honestly….stop

fucking telling women what they CAN & can’t do with our

bodies”. So big crowds gathered outside in support of her

mission to block this silly shit. She wore running shoes to

(Nice kicks!)

stay fast fresh, & now knows what it is like for an average

waitress pulling a double shift w/o the ‘hot plates’. It was

something right out of a Frank Capra movie. So dear good

people of Texas, I know you exist, I’ve been there & love it

Please, please, please, please stop voting big dumb-fucks

into office, or we will be forced to start judging you by the

one’s you elect thinking you share their odd views. Cool?

Have a day!

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