it turns out gay American’s DO deserve equal protection under the law

(so long shit law)

Suck it, homophobes! Wait, you might not want to, because that would

make you super disco gay. But know this, the people yelling the loudest

today are really seething at losing their ability to discriminate against a

group of people who aren’t like them. Equal protection under the law is

for everyone; it’s not selective. But for a cadre of loud braying jackasses

who want to hate everyone, they will FAIL in every fight they encounter

(Miss Windsor is happy)

The entire case dealt with the concept of “standing”. Prop 8, the people

in California/AKA ‘religious nutters’ who wanted to force marriage only

between man & women have no legal standing. So in other words, they

voted on something that doesn’t directly effect them. Boom, game, set,

match. DOMA(Defense Of Marriage Act) was also struck down, and yet

nothing was put up in it’s place yet. But the way the court’s leaning on

(good on you)

this, if someone were to offer a constitutional amendment/legislation

it seems they would understand it is “equal protection” under the law

Court Gets Two Right, Then Fucks One Up

Justice John Roberts thinks that “racism is over”, & that “we’ve moved

passed it all”, & “racial discrimination against voters is over”. In fact so

(not racist anymore)

much so, they struck down Section Four of the “Voting Rights Act”. It’s

the part where select states who have discriminated before had to clear

voting law changes with the Federal Government. Wellll, I noticed that

the racism was over when we passed the fucking law not allowing them

to be fucking racist about voting. Jeebuz! Someone should tell Roberts

to go on-line to any article anywhere, & you read “Obongo is a N***er”


The article can be about World War Z, but they have to hate. Go on-line

and you see it everywhere. On YouTube, Facebook, Paula Deen, Twitter

Racism is far from dead, & sadly the Court was blind on this. BUT there

is a ray of hope. The other states treating minority voters like shit in ’12

caused everyone to vote more. That is the best revenge, & this will back

fire at epic levels. Shitting on all minorities will motivate them to VOTE

(unless black)

and you can bet your sweet silly stupid racist ass, it won’t be Republican

after the 2014 elections, it is possible the “TeaOP” will become irrelevant

Tomorrow: “Buttery Silly Tears Of A Lying Racist” on the Today Show
Note: she basically changed her deposition saying she only used the N
Word once now? Asked if saying it, “Hurts black people” she used the
classic racist judo move of “well blacks say it, so I should able to also”
This lady just got far more disgusting to me. Not because she’s a lying
asshole racist, but now she’s claiming to be a “victim” when she is not
Everyone supporting her, is having their own “Racist Identity Crises”

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