The murder trial for George Zimmerman for killing Travyon Martin

officially started yesterday. And it all started off with a Knock, not a

(a fat sad man)

bang. Zimmerman’s lawyer began the murder case……with this gem

“Knock Knock! Who’s there? George Zimmerman. George
Zimmerman who? All right good, you are on the jury ”

*total silence*


*nervous laughter*

“Come on, that’s FUNNY!”

But that’s not the best part, ohhhhhhhh nooooooooo. Not even close

(that fucker is fired)

How he started it was priceless. When you put that many caveats on

a joke before telling it, news flash fucko, you should NOT be telling it

“I’d like to tell you a little joke. I know that may sound at bit weird in
this context under these circumstances. But I think you’re the perfect
audience for it. As long as you ah………if you don’t like it, or you don’t
think it’s funny or inappropriate…..that you don’t hold it against Mr.
Zimmerman. You can hold it against me, but not Mr. Zimmernman”

that is known in comedy as “the worst set-up EVER”. When you have

to do this, listen to what you’re saying. He warned himself, & I guess

(your lawyer sucks)

he didn’t listen. No matter, the case will go on, & we will see how bad

he keeps fucking up. After all, It is SO hard when you ignore yourself

Hawks Magic :17 Hoist Cup For Refill

A lot can happen in :17. You can drop a ball, you can miss an ‘exit’ on

the road, you can call your best friend then hang up when you get the

(the cup is back!)

voice mail. You can even get distracted while pissing and missing the

toilet. But the Blackhawks did something in the Stanley Cup I never

saw. They scored 2 goals in a matter of :17. We were down 2-1 in the

3rd period with a minute & some change. Boom, 2-2. Then :17 later

Boom! 3-2 with :58 left in the game. Boston was stunned, the world

was stunned, we were stunned. Time ticked down to :00, & we won

the Cup again. It was insane, the city lit up, & everyone went “crazy”

It was awesome, and as a life time Chicagoan, this one was better. It

(we did it!)

felt like something we really needed, because shit knows, baseball is

not doing shit on either side of town except occupying the basement

We win, great skating team with such heart. Heck, I like this team a

little better than the 2010. It is the most “Skating Talent” on 1 team

Parade on Friday, take lots of pics to share. Thanks for a great ride!

Tomorrow: Supreme Court is now “Let Bigots Be Bigots I Guess”, &
new coverage of their upcoming equal protection under law ruling

Have a day!

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