imagine a world where facts didn’t exist, & people just made

shit up to suit their “every mental problem”. Then imagine a

(Moron Patrol)

group of people SO ignorant, SO factually lacking, that they

live in an Alternate Reality apart from everyone else. POOF

If you are a TeaOP’er, you’re already ‘THERE’. The “Derpy”

one’s had a goofy rally to SPEW their massive ignorance at

each other. For in a vacuum of dumb, facts are not allowed

in…ever! They had Becktopia, Turd Cruz, Rand Paul, Louie

(sooooo true)

“Loony” Gohmert, Michelle “Unemployed” Bachmann, and

many more from the land of abused white people that time

forgot. “Anyone want to fire some IRS agents?” Rand yelled

*loud ignorant cheers erupt*. He continues, “Why don’t we

start with the 16,000 IRS agents who are gonna implement

Obamacare?” *more cheers*. Forget one thing has nothing,

literally NOTHING to do with the other, and if they need to


“fire” the people responsible, it’s conservative John Schafer

And he SHOULDN’T be ‘fired’ for literally doing his fucking

job. Turd Cruz, “The very best solution is we need to abolish

the IRS!”. What idiot derp. They’re insane morons who only

represent the top 1%, speaking ‘non-sense lies’, & hate to an

ignorant, xenophobic, bigoted collective of idiotic jackasses

Pro-Life TeaOP’er Says That “Fetus’s Masturbate”

In the “Holy Shit How Much Dumber Can They Fuckin Get”

category; House representative Michael Burgess (R-Texas)

(Dr. Derp)

said this on the house floor. Note, he is a fucking DOCTOR:

“This is a subject I know something about…Watch a sonogram
of a 15-week baby, & they have movements that are purposeful.
They stroke their face. If they’re a male baby, they may
have their hand between their legs. If they feel pleasure,
why is it so hard to believe that they could feel pain?

This is a Sitting US Congressman, making decisions & laws

that effect women, men, all citizens; & he thinks that fetus’s

“whack off”. Nothing about the female fetus’s, cause he does

not think about ‘those’ at all. In fact, it is interesting to know

that fetus’s without any developed sex organs, can do all this


These strokes are just clinically insane, & he was an OBGYN

Do you want this nut bag anywhere NEAR your vagina?!?!?

History will not be kind to these people; they will ALL be the

main reason the TeaOP died. Holy collection of total dipshits

Obama Digs The NSA Spying

AGAIN, all the warrant-less wiretapping is wrong. It’s also an

issues that is real, it’s bad, & something Obama can be hit on

(Spy Time)

But THEY DON’T CARE. Why? Well, because “Psssssst, he’s

black”. You have the “Birther” shit kicking up again, because

they do not care about facts, reality, or actual governance for

our country. They are only concerned about “getting Obama

out”. Obama thinks the NSA is a great thing that is “keeping

us safe”. WOW, talk about a 180. He should talk with “2007

Obama” who stood against this warrant-less program and it


was an abuse of power. I guess things look different when it

is YOUR side of the desk now. Meh, if there are warrant-less

tapping going on, that is simply “Unconstitutional”, PERIOD!

But they all scream, “Birth certificate”, “IRS”, or “Benghazi!”

Mostly because they’re ignorant xenophobic big-ass morons

RIP James Gandolfini who passed away yesterday at 51. Sad

And the best news, Blackhawks WON 6-5. Game 5 Saturday

Have s day!

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