Dingle Perry, Gasbag Issa

June 19th, 2013

Ricky Perry the Texas Dingle Berry said something scary:

“Religious freedom does not mean freedom from religion”

(oh shit)

yes, it does. In governance, no one can select ONE religion

to be the national religion. Hint: it’s the one all TeaOP’ers

use in calling us a ‘Christian Nation’. That bonks Catholics

Hindi, Islam, Morons, Sikh, etc. The entire point of the 1st

amendment is to keep government & religion ‘SEPARATE’

It even cuts both ways. Government can’t set up a national


religion, and they can not shut down anyone for practicing

their own religion. See how that works? So in other words;

you may have whatever flavor of religion you like…you get

tax free status, & the government can’t say shit to you. But

you can’t use the government to sell/install/promote your

religion, otherwise you violated the 1st amendment buddy


Simple shit, but bigoted morons using religion to cover up

serious racial issues with others never understand this shit

This massive ‘Fidiot’ can’t even tell Libya & Lebanon apart

What a mega “Douche-A-Tron 3000 Robot” w/no memory

Issahole IRS Irritating Ire

Darrell Issahole told the committee he’s heading to get to

the bottom of the IRS stuff “not to release any statements

(“A little lie?”)

to the public”. Then Issa goes ahead to release statements,

out of context, bolstering his unfound case that the Obama

Administration is directly involved to the public. Ooooops

What did Democratic leader Elija Cummings then do????

He released ALL the interview transcripts, 205 pages total

This naturally pissed off Issa, who is now ‘caught’ with his

(“Hey Issahole”)

pants, ankle high, because he was ‘using’ the information,

that supported his ‘conspiracy theory’, not the actual facts

In releasing ALL the ‘actual’ responses, Issahole now can’t

cherry pick, & cobble together a string of lies to support a

nutty ‘conspiracy theory’ of hate. It ‘should’ end his career

After all….the only thing ya get from lying assholes, is shit

(It’s Roman Maronie)

With the ‘facts’ out, it was GOP conservative John Schafer

who targeted all these filings. Why? To streamline service

Schafer was asked, “Was anyone in the WH involved with

the decision to screen tea party cases?” Schafer, “I have no

reason to believe that”. Question, “Was anyone in the WH

involved with centralizing the review of Tea Party cases?”

Schafer said “I have no reason to believe that”; & Issahole

KNEW all this, but still trots around spewing the hate BS

(truth stings)

For the modern TeaOP, when you can not govern, & hold

no valid policy, EVERYTHING must be political & used to

end Obama. Too bad there are REAL things he’s done that

are bad to hit him on, but ignorant hate does not recognize

the truth if it was on top of them, & fucking them very hard

Tomorrow: Obama defends NSA spying, disagrees w/self

Hawks MUST win, skate with heart, & we got Hossa back

Have a day!

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