Miss Utah just shit the mental bed…badly. A lot like others

(“did I win?”)

before her, she as asked a question on “Income inequality”

her answer was both hilarious, sad, and such insane babel:

I think we can relate this back to education and how we are continuing
to try to strive to (pause) figure out how to create jobs right now. That’s
the biggest problem & I think, especially the men, are um, seen as the
leaders of this & so we need to try ta figure out how to create education
better so we can solve this problem (smiling look & turns away quickly)

Marisa Powell, & when a women is that attractive, I guess

our society has NEVER made her feel the ‘need’ to also be

“smart”. So when ya look like her, being smart would be a

bonus to most. Ahem, NO. Being able to use words to form

complete thoughts is a VERY fucking human thing to know


And sadly she ‘butchered’ that question like a sluicing floor

does to cattle. Do nerves play a part in this? Sure, maybe…

but this type of shit is common & would happen in any 1 on

1 session. She has been ABLE to get away with this shit her

entire life. Why? Because she’s fucking hotter than the sun

Translation: “What BS can I say to win that shiny thingy?”

The Token Has landed!

Republican EW Jackson, AKA “Herman Cain Jr. Part Two”

(“I’m THIS crazy”)

Now he’s trying something new. You see, the TeaOP thinks

if they “repackage shitty terrible policies” you won’t look at

the ingredients of it. But we all know you are smarter, and

they all still think you’re fucking dumb. Oooooooooooops!

EW has said some very very very stupid things before, and

now anyone “judging his gaffes” is now being “religiously


persecuted”. Ahhhh yes, when saying really hateful stupid

shit is now magically “off limits” because “Taking his own

words directly in context” is now ‘religious discrimination’

Ahem, NO. It means that WHAT YOU SAY matters. When

you say really really really stupid shit, people tend to call

you out for saying really really REALLY dumb stupid shit

(“Reality isn’t fair”)

He is SO entitled to his “rights under the 1st amendment”

but that doesn’t ‘magically’ take away others rights to call

bullshit using their rights. But don’t expect idiots to get it

The Hawks were whacked, & must win game #4 in Boston

Have a day!

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