Maine’s top Republican, Ken Fredette had a response to another

(listen to me)

Democrat named Linda Sanborn, a retired family physician, who

was explaining if they might or might not to accept the expansion

of Medicade. He used the old Ron Burgundy “Men’s brains…..are

bigger; its science fact”. What he said was ‘political comedy gold’:

“I can’t help but think about the title of a book, “Men Are From Mars,
And Women Are From Venus”. And it’s a book about the fact that men
think one way, in there own brain, in their own world and women think
another way in their brain, in their own world. And it really talks about
the way that men and women can do a better job at communicating…..
Because if you listen the debate today in my mind, a ‘man’s mind’, eh, I,
really hear 2 fundamental issues. From the other side of the isle, I hear
the conversation being about “free”, this is “free”,  we need to take it &
it’s “free”. And we need to do it now. And that’s sort of the fundamental
message that my brain receives. Now, my brain, being “A Man’s Brain”
sort of thinks differently. Because I say…..”Well it’s not. If it’s free, is it
really free??????????”. Because I say, in MY brain, “there a cost to this”

Holy fucking shitballs. This is so sadly funny, & ignorant, it’s great

It’s like he’s trying so hard not to say, “Well, your brain is smaller”

(Nice, Ron)

Said it before, & I will say it again; these fucking morons have NO

rational argument for their policies based in reality or on any fact

Hypocrisy Hideout

The NSA stuff is very serious, & it’s all very sad. The comedy in it

all is watching a political party TeaOP that was SOOOO violently

(And you should)

behind it now have to back peddle to pretend they never said the

insane shit they already did under W. Bush. Sean Hannity loved

the NSA spying under W. It was “Patriotic”, “Your Duty”, & was

all about “well if you got nothing to hide, who cares?”. See, that

tune has now changed to “This is EVIL”, “it is awful”, & “it is SO

Unconstitutional”. Yes it is Sean, but it ALWAYS WAS you turd

(Nice, you turd)

Papa Bear Bill-O thinks the exact same thing as does all of FOX

They think W. Bush was “keeping us safe”, & yet now Obama is

“invading our sacred privacy”. No you “fucks”, it was ALWAYS

bad, wrong, & so bad. When some shit breaks our Constitution

it’s not acceptable. It doesn’t matter who is in office. FIDIOTS!

Blackhawks are must show up BIG tonight against Boston……

Have a day!

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