The IRS “scandal” is now coming into focus, & it’s not really

a ‘scandal’, it’s the IRS ‘sorta doing their jobs’. But how do I

(new calculator)

know this? Oh, because 501(c)(4)’s are not allowed to be any

PAC’s. They’re supposed to be only for “Social Welfare”. It is

literally described by the Internal Revenue Service as THIS:

“To be operated exclusively to promote “social welfare”, an
organization must operate primarily to further the common
good & general welfare of the people of the community (such
as bringing about civic betterment & social improvements)”

They listed specific examples. Stuff like: groups pushing for

affordable housing, doing job training for the unemployed,

or those working to build a stadium at a school. That’s very

(Well Duh)

different from using the non-profit status to shield Political

Action Committee contributions from donors that are used

to advocate specific political campaigns. They use a loophole

to exploit their political wishes, rather than actually making

society better. They think, “Gee, if my views get in office, it

WILL make society better, so it makes sense”. No, it doesn’t


Aside from being factually wrong statistically & policy wise

they don’t WANT to put in the work to make society better

This comes down to “handling the problem” issue. And for

the White House, IRS, & the media ‘outlets’, they all get an

D/F for effort. If they would stop playing politics, and just

follow the facts, they’d see they did nothing wrong during

the entire event. Well, you target ANY ‘person’, ‘group’, or

(Yeah…I guess)

criminal who is breaking the law. IF, 200 black folks were

pulled over for speeding, AND were doing 100 in a 65mph,

they did it. Now, if there were 2,000 people speeding, BUT

only the black folks were caught, we have a problem. Up to

this point, no “evidence” shows that’s what happened here

Forget they didn’t need to even apply, & forget many were

eventually granted their status. It is watching children yell

And let them all ignore is was a conservative who did it all

Speaking Of TeaOP Honesty…

This will shock you…oh wait, by “shock you” I really mean

“reinforce reality at every turn”. This TeaOP “conservative

(“they tuk er jerbs”)

activist” finally blasted a light into their alternate universe

His name is Ken Emmanuelson, and he was finally honest:

“I’m going to be real honest with you, the Republican Party doesn’t
want black people to vote if they’re going to vote Democrat 9-to-1″

All the things I’ve posted, & all the facts I’ve stated have to

do with one thing. They don’t fucking give a shit about you

Democrats at least perform lip service to the communities,

& pass some ‘decent things’ policy wise. BUT, until you get

the lobbyist $, out of DC, the Democratic party’s still just a

(Dallas dude truth)

“lesser of two evils” right now. So what happened to “Ken”?

They yelled at him to walk back his truthful statement, and

he did it. Why? Because the TeaOP doesn’t want truth, fact,

or honesty to ever be allowed out of their “alternate world”

Sorry, no post on Tuesday with family in town, but the new

stuff Wednesday is ‘Obama NSA “Hope” Fail Kid’, & Hero

Have a day!

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