Chris Christie wants a “special election”. Is that like this sort

of new election that should be treated differently? Well? Yes


because he could have held it during the ‘regular election’ in

November without spending the additional cash. He picked

the “October Special Election costing $24 million”. He now

set the “Special Election” 3 weeks before the regular one, on

October 16th. Holy crap-a-ramma. Forget that Fatty Douche

(“You, get in my belly”)

publicly SAID he’d never do this to a hypothetical question

The reason?? He wants to “keep Democrat Cory Booker off

the ticket” that a big turnout would help Christie’s opponent

This is all “political”, very very very stupid, and show that the

ONLY “reasonable TeaOP’er” on the planet just totally lost it

Bill-O Thinks The Youth Are “Immature Morons”!

Think of an old man shaking his fist & screaming, “Get off my

lawn you damn punk kids!”. He does not care about youth, or

(“My audience is deaf”)

College students, or really anyone who accepts facts & reality

He told College GOP’ers who did a study and were explaining

the bad results to him that kids are: “Immature” and “Stupid”

The results said the youth will not ever vote GOP again, cause

they don’t do anything for them, and Women, Latino’s, gays,

teachers, immigrants, Mexican American’s, & all minorities

(you can’t)

Bill’s average aged viewer is 71. Let that sink in for a moment

He appeals to older, white, suburbanites who all think “cars

are too fast”, & “society is falling apart since the blackish guy

got into office”. Ignorance & hate “normally” always go hand

in hand. Because you need one to have the other. The TeaOP

will never go quietly into that goodnight. They will scream so

loudly with, “It’s gumberment mind control”, & “Hollywood

(you can’t)

literally created this fake America we’re living in right now”

It sure as hell beats accepting the truth that their party died

Sorry about yesterdays non-post. Had to pick up family from

O’Hare, and had to prep for a cool Kraft corporate gig. Sorry

Blackhawks can try to steal game 4 in LA, let’s just do it boys

Have a day!

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