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First off, I’d like to say, “thank you oh comedy gods of gold” (true) Like I told you yesterday Mark Rubio was tagged to give the SOTU GOP response, along with Rand Paul for some weird reason. But NO, there’s no “rift” or “split” in the party at all His response was already pre-taped in […]

Obama will be on prime time tonight, with big & lofty ideas While only delivering on maybe 1/2 of the things he will say (Ah, MAD) Will the nuttier than squirrel shit TeaTurds, & Republican’s talk about that? Nope. They will state: “Odummer just does not get it. American’s want X”. Um, NO, American’s already […]

Grammy Davis Jr., Pope Quits

February 11th, 2013

The Grammy’s viewing audience is kids who don’t want to do their homework, & coma patients who can’t change the (play something good) channel. I’m not saying the Grammy’s are just useless, I’m saying that if you had to pick either A) helping your Gamy with a sponge bath, & B) watching the entire Grammy’s […]

It’s a new game I’ve been playing. Surely my best half is damn sick of hearing it, along with all 2 of my friends. For girls this (I know) will not work as well. After someone says something, either a statement/question, you reply so loudly “with my dick”. Here are a couple good examples where […]

Drone Depot, NRA Super Douche

February 7th, 2013

Obama’s no better than Bush right here with Drone’s killing innocent civilians. Now we know insurgents hide with them (be accurate) but we’re missing the mark on target in a horrific way today What we need is transparency. It’s like a young couple who is experiencing marriage problems. You gotta now lay that shit on […]

No “Gay Cake” For You!

February 6th, 2013

A baker in Oregon decided to tell a Lesbian couple, who were getting married, “No gay cake for you!” (none for you!) He denied her service because she licks tuna taco Always wondered, what is the difference between a “regular wedding cake” & “leszi wedding cake”? Do you put different sugar in that, or maybe […]

McShame, & Ad Bowl

February 5th, 2013

Yesterday was punch up writing, & pages due. Sorry to all Now, even though it’s a day later, ads weren’t a dollar short (Nice) The best ad was the kids playing football in my two cents Ahhhh yes, kids getting bullied, who bully back. Circle of life. The Go Daddy ad should listen to the […]


February 1st, 2013

That could also be the title of two weed smokers who can’t count roman numbers and broke a lot of bongs (It’s on!) The game looks evenly matched. It’s “civil war style” So it’s “brother on brother violence for keeps”. Meh, we all know what it’s really about…the commercials Shit to watch: the VW “Jamaica” […]

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