Drone Depot, NRA Super Douche

February 7th, 2013

Obama’s no better than Bush right here with Drone’s killing

innocent civilians. Now we know insurgents hide with them

(be accurate)

but we’re missing the mark on target in a horrific way today

What we need is transparency. It’s like a young couple who

is experiencing marriage problems. You gotta now lay that

shit on the table. She has got to know about your gambling

problems, & you have to know that she’s banging the lawn

boy. Communication. It is the evil shit W. Bush never had

(It’s “G.I Drone”)

Now, we’ve come to expect much more from Obama, & he

is not delivering at all right here. That’s fucked up and sad

White House spokes thing Jay Carney wouldn’t discuss it

Meh, things could be way worse. We could be calling Mitt

“Mr President”. But no, America was much to smart for it

There needs to be some accountability for civilian deaths

(no, get on it)

Have a clear record of events, that don’t comprise national

security, should be released to judge the effectiveness of it

If not, they’re no better than Bush, & even worse for it……

NRA Owns Congress

When an NRA chief can brag “nothing will pass congress”

We have no elected leaders anymore. We’ve known this

(Some Dems too)

for a while now. They only serve the banks, big oil, & all

the corporations/lobbyists. To us, they turn on TV news

shows to give us the old “Fuck You Soft Shoe” song and

dance. NRA douche dujour David Keene aka “Old white

haired white guy” is peddling lies, violence, & all for $


The only, & I mean ONLY way to make them pay is for

you to contact your congressmen & senators to tell em

“If you do not vote for background checks & an assault

weapon ban, you lose my vote”. Then work to vote em

(NRA position)

out. It’s the only thing these lying ass-clowns will get

Tomorrow: face tattoo, & the Grammy’s aka gold junk

Have a day!

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