Grammy Davis Jr., Pope Quits

February 11th, 2013

The Grammy’s viewing audience is kids who don’t want to

do their homework, & coma patients who can’t change the

(play something good)

channel. I’m not saying the Grammy’s are just useless, I’m

saying that if you had to pick either A) helping your Gamy

with a sponge bath, & B) watching the entire Grammy’s in

full; 99% of America would take A) and love it. Sorry, but

(titty time!)

the Grammy’s are where people go who don’t have itunes

For the 2018 Grammy’s someone will shit on the stage &

it will probably be called “raw & refreshing” by TV Guide

I’d rather have a fucking bowling trophy than a Grammy

Captain “Kid Fucker Enabler” Steps Down

The Pope has officially stepped down. But wait?!? Can he

(“light socket”)

even really do that? Doesn’t God have to give him an exit

interview or something? Turns out, old Ratzy is sick and

losing it all a little upstairs. Meh, now it’s like a hillbilly

wedding. If the chimney smoke is black, no marriage in

(you sure did)

the back. If the smoke is white, there’s a weddin tonight

Here’s them selecting the best person for the job……who

ever that might be. Just please……………..NO kid fuckers

Have a day!

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