Obama will be on prime time tonight, with big & lofty ideas

While only delivering on maybe 1/2 of the things he will say

(Ah, MAD)

Will the nuttier than squirrel shit TeaTurds, & Republican’s

talk about that? Nope. They will state: “Odummer just does

not get it. American’s want X”. Um, NO, American’s already

voted, we don’t want X. Thet want X, because X serves their

billionaire donors, & lobbyists THEY serve. Currently in the

(get in line)

US Congress, Republican’s have ONE black leader. And his

name is Tim Scott. He was not even elected, he was “given”

the seat by Nikki Haley after Jim Demint quit. This is not a

party interested in offering policy to reaching out to any of

the African Americans, Latino’s, women, labors, gays, etc.

For all of Obama faults, it’s the GOP who has a big identity

crisis on their hands. Screaming, “That guy fucking sucks!”

(so long)

while offering NO ideas, aside from the exact policies that

got us into tall the problems we still fact today won’t cut it

Tonight, they will offer the exact same insane BS, but just

wrap it up in two different packages. Rand Paul will try to

reach out to all the Southern Stategy bigoted white voters

(which they already have), & Mark Rubio who will try and

reach out to the Latino’s voters the GOP lost in the election

(Suck it)

It’s idiots running out a different “face” to say the same shit

Ahem, it’s the “fast track” way to end the party before 2014

Ted Nugent will be selected next to give the SOTU rebuttal

Have a day!

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