February 1st, 2013

That could also be the title of two weed smokers who

can’t count roman numbers and broke a lot of bongs

(It’s on!)

The game looks evenly matched. It’s “civil war style”

So it’s “brother on brother violence for keeps”. Meh,

we all know what it’s really about…the commercials

Shit to watch: the VW “Jamaica” spot is really funny

Oh, and Go Daddy normally sucks donkey balls, but

(rejected ad)

this one was actually pretty good. Hot model kisses

a computer nerd; or what we call an average day in

“Silicon Valley”. Kaaaaazing! Here’s a list of things

to bring to any Stupor Bowl party you decide go to:

Fake mustaches, booze, fireworks, taco’s, condoms,

(It’s over?!?!)

an etch-a-stetch, adult diapers, puppies, & cab fare

You’re welcome, so starting drinkin for Sunday now

Have a weekend!

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