Richard Mourdock(R) is a loud Tea Party guy, & has some very

nifty things to say about abortion in a recent debate yesterday:

(Holy shit)

“I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape,
that it is something that God intended to happen…………………”

Holy fuckballs! Did he just say “god intended a rape to happen”?

Bunch of reporters asked him the exact same question. He said:

“Are you trying to suggest somehow that God preordained rape,
no I don’t think that. Anyone who would suggest that is just sick
and twisted. No, that’s not even close to what I said.”

(please stop)

John looks up at his first exact statement & his words. Um, bud,

that’s “exactly” what you SAID. Unless it’s clearly “gods plan” for

you to not even know you said that I guess. Right? “God Rape” is

awesome. It is also the new name of my mega Broadway Musical

Hummmm, I can’t remember, who endorsed him nationally?????

Oh, that would be Mitt Romney. Oh, and he’s not taking back his

endorsement back. He even ran a support ad about him right here

(“I love this guy”)

Now Mitt says Mourdock doesn’t represent his views. They said:

Spokeswoman Andrea Saul “Gov. Romney disagrees with Richard
Mourdock’s comments, and they do not reflect his views,”

But they hold the exact same positions on the Blunt Amendment

It does not really matter. Mitt will change his mind and be JFK by

weeks end, or maybe be a black women. Who knows? Stay classy!

Panic Freakout Election Facts

If you like Obama, settle down. He’s statistically winning. If you

like Mitt, I have no rational clue how that is, but you should not

believe the hype. It’s just someone saying “Look I’m winning!!!”


No, the scoreboard says you’re not. Life’s a cold numbers game

Obama won 2 of 3 debates, & you might see a mini-bounce of it

I do not mean to be a dick, but Nate Silver, who I think is pretty

cold numbers great, has Obama at a 68.1% chance of winning &

Romney a 31.9% shot. The Electoral College path favors Obama

Mitt has to run the table in the swing states, and that window is

almost closed according to current polls. It’d take one crazy act

(Not that crazy)

It is possible Mitt could win. Sort of like how it’s “possible” I’d

have a 3-way with 3 hot ladies & not have to pay for it. It’s like

around 29% possible. I’m decent looking, for a hairy douche, &

could just luck out one night. It’s possible. Now, is it probable?

No, Democrats registered more voters in 08 than Republican’s

by a landslide. They’ve also registered even more this year, so,

it’s another bad sign. The one positive sign is Republican’s did

register more this year than 08. But it falls short by comparison


if you take both years of Democratic registration, & only 1/2 of

them vote, Obama wins 54% of the vote. It is a cold #’ers game

Ohio looks to be going to Obama, along with Wisconsin, & Iowa

That spells certain doom for Mittens. He could win, but sorry to

say, this isn’t like rooting for a favorite football team. Your votes

directly effect people’s lives. Not just “my guy won”. It’s more of

“What specific policy will you get from each candidate”? That’s

what matters. Big voter turnout favors Democrats, so watch for

that happening, & make sure you know the specific facts on this

Final Debates Re-Cap

It’s funny. From my independent view, the presidential debates

started out with Mitt on fire. He came out strong, & hammered

Obama, while Barack looked weak, unprepared, and often tired

(“We will fight”)

His smiles, suddenly agreed with Mitt’s SS & Medicare position

and looked at times like a napping kid after a warm glass of milk

Everyone saw the same thing. FOX went into hyper win, and the

rest of rational society saw it for it for what it was: a big needed

win for Mitt who was about to be knocked out of the whole race

Debate #2 was a back alley brawl on every level. Potus had way

more facts to support his positions, & Mitt fucked up a very big

(Debate #3)

Libya accusation line that he thought was gonna be a Signature

KO punch. It turned out he was sooooooo wrong when Candy C

corrected him. Obama won. Mitt was selling & not “telling” any

specific policy he would put in place, was very insulting with the

“You’ll get your chance in a moment”, & then his “Binder full of

women” cost the lady votes. But FOX & CNN said “Oh no, it was

a tie”. What planet is this?!? No it wasn’t. Every poll had Obama

(Thanks Brynna!)

as the clear winner. But Debate #3 was the best. It was Obama’s

turf, & Mitt was totally lost. “Horses & Bayonets”, Iran is Syria’s

route to the sea, then agreeing with every Obama foreign policy

position, after holding the exact OPPOSITE positions for 5 years

To me, all the Debates sort of just went in reverse: It was Obama

that started out terrible & got great. But it was Mitty who started

out great & got terrible by the end. In a presidential election that

will most likely cost you. You’d like to end strong since clearly we

(“You pick now”)

have a block of “undecided” voters who are dumber than a box of

sand for some reason. If you don’t know these two guys by now….

a 3 day trip with each guy & a rectal x-ray wouldn’t even help you

You’re like that bad date you go on to the amusement park, when

the person is asked if they’re having a fun time, just shrugs & says,

“Meh, I guess. Just thought it’d be way cooler”. Well what did you

fucking expect?!?!? If you’re looking to Clint Eastwood for advice

(“you’re real to me”)

your head’s so far up your ass you couldn’t find it with both hands

& a flashlight. The new Clint Eastwood ad is hilariously sad & odd

It’s like having someone who shit on your big Persian rug in your

home, so you decide to invite them back over after 7 bowls of chili

Can’t wait for all this fucking stupidity to be over. We got a country

to keep fixing, & all these political nutjobs are standing in the way

Note: the reason I didn’t mention Trump is that I do not give free

publicity to big talking anuses. He’s a hateful prick stoking racists

Have a day!

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