Tonight’s the night! When Disney will offer on-line 3-D hand jobs

Oh, & also there’s something going on called a presidential debate

(Whoo hooo!)

or something like that. I say “something like that” because it’s this

“town hall style” debate they always do. Which ends up being one

big campaign infomercial for both sides rather than discuss all the

vital important policy, facts, & decisions they’d make as president

Both campaigns are trying to “bully” and “neuter” Candy Crowley


before it even begins. If they do, that hurts US, not them. We need

her to be flexible, thoughtful, & have the questions really answered

If it’s all pre-scripted softball crap, that won’t help US. Then we’ll

be the biggest losers of tonight’s debate before it even started. And

that is not a debate, townhall, or exchange of political policy ideas

It’s a massive BS-A-Ramma Fest leaving voters stuck with the bill

(I’m a child)

Here’s hoping Candy will come to play, ready to be a journalist &

help the American people get the specific answers for all the very

serious policy questions we have. Hold BOTH candidates feet to

the flames on policy specifics, facts, & reality. You’re the last line

of defense from it being one big staged BS commercial where the

toughest questions are “Who will win the world series?”, “Do you

(No shit)

play X-Box or PS3?”, & “Was that you in the Hulkster sex video?”

My predictions: both sides will call it a draw to raise tensions for

the final debate. One man’ll have clearly won. Who that is, will be

up to who shows up tonight. Moderate Mitt, Crazy Conservative

Tea Party Mitt, Sleepy Obama, or “Oh, that’s my foot in your ass”

Mitt will smile, attack, shift, lie, and avoid ANY specifics, because

once he does, he has no more wiggle room left to lie. It’ll be over

(I know right?)

Obama. Whatever happens, keep it moving, factual, & be specific

These are serious times we are in, and only real serious solutions

can work. Make sure every American knows exactly what they are

He will walk every Mitt Lie down, directly, quickly, & specifically

Obama must use Keynesian Economic policy tonight to shred up

the myth of Mitt’s trickle down tax cuts lies with direct economic

data proving his policy wrong, a lie, and made our country worse

With 3 Weeks To Go: Cue Up Republican Racism

Told you this before on May 17th, with my “Racism 2.0” post. It is

all they have left; & it’s so disgusting, sad, & makes them less than

(“I’m a dick”)

nothing. How about Mark “Appalachian Trail” Sanford saying this?

“Obama’s going to come out in this case much more forcefully, and
he’s going to throw a lot of spears. I think it is very, very important
that in this case that, you know, Romney stay focused on his vision”

Did I just fucking that in 2012? Really?!?! No, REALLY? Have you

ever heard someone describe a candidate “throwing spears?” in any

(Oh shit)

context ever? I have not. That means it racial red meat for the dolts

How about the batshitcrazy lady outside of the VP debate who called

Obama “Communist”? When asked by MSNBC host Chris Matthews

“What did you mean by that?”. She replied, “Well all you have to do
is study it out, just study it out, & you’ll see. You haven’t done your
home work buddy. Go to somebody else, he’s a Communist! & those
of us who are not voting for him know it. You just study it out! Just
cause he was born here doesn’t mean that he thinks like us”

(Up your idiot!)

Who is “us”? Oh right, older white people. What she really wanted to

say was “He’s a Ni**ger”, but that wouldn’t go over so well publicly

Wacko ex-Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson’s kid Jason now

decided it was time to go “full on bigot birther” at a big fund raising

event for dear ol’ dad. He said this wonderful gem: “We have the
opportunity to send President Obama back to Chicago, or Kenya”

(“I’m a dick”)

He apologized for it which means: “Oh, so very sorry I got caught on

camera telling you what I think of Black people because I’m a racist”

Ok, so you got the racist vote locked up. Sorry, but that won’t cut it

Have a day!

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