Are on fire…

liar-liar-pants-on-fire.jpg(Liar liar)

On Hannity he said..

“I would be the 41st vote. I would actually stop it(Obama’s Healthcare reform in the House & Senate), & I would ask them to go back to the drawing board”

He went on the Today Show saying, “I never said I was going to do everything I can to stop Healthcare(Obama’s Healthcare reform)”, then changed the debate…

lies_profits.jpg(Make a right turn)

He’s against climate change reform, financial reform, & healthcare reform. He’s for tax cuts for the wealthy and voted with Republicans 96% of the time last 3 years.

Did I mention when another person in an interview talked about Obama being born in wedlock, Scott decided to laughingly say, “Well, I don’t know about that

Hardly an Independent. He a younger Joe Lieberman…

lieberman.gif(Nice form. He must practice)

Big Tea Party $, neo-cons, GOP, crappy candidate/campaign in Coakley, & wall street got him elected. The people of Mass will greatly regret this decision down the road…

Have a day!

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