Yes, someone has not only said it, they have

Thoughtfully Articulated Exactly what they’re

(Not all, but most)

doing, Why & how. Elizabeth Warren clearly

told a Snotty trust Fund Brat In one “Megan

McCain” why she won’t go on FOX until it is

fully away from the White Nationalist pricks

To that, I say, GREAT! About time. Sure it’d

help to reach their audience. That argument

anyone gets. It’s what ya “Give up” to get it

that matters. Nancy Pelosi Also Went on the

late Night Show Jimmy Kimmel and Shit the

(Inquiry Now!)

bed HARD. She’s Simply cowardly trying to

“Calculate” Politically something that is just

“Morally” Wrong. Times up, Crimes are Bad

NOTE: Chicago Just Passed, A Legalize Pot Bill And It’s
AWESOME! Governor Pritizker Vowed To “Sign” It. YES
NOTE II: North Korea, Just Murdered Their Top Nuclear
Negotiator, By Firing Squad. WTF?! Don’t Give The Ass
Orange Fuck ideas. This is Horrific & What Dictators Do

Have a weekend!

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