Mueller Spoke today. Let me Translate what

he said in his around 9 minutes just for you:

(It’s Bad)

“Yes, Trump and his pals all Committed serious
crimes. However, due to a Partisan AG & Being
told up front that I can’t indict him, here’s a Lil
report of all the Crimes for Congress to put him
away. Read it! I’m gone so just leave me alone!”

It was Historic, it is serious & they’re fucked

Not only in Resigning, but in report points &

Instructions to The “process” Congress Uses

The fact that he can’t State the Actual words

like I said above makes him a shrewd lawyer

The Special Prosecutor, Knew it Was “Fixed”

even before they Started knowing no matter

what, trump couldn’t be indicted or charged

Oh, And AG Barr is in DEEP “Legal Trouble”

right now. Mueller ‘Directly Contradicted’ All


The PR Spin Lies In His 4-Page Partisan Shit

Show Stunt. And, Just Now, Mueller’s Office

gave Something Important Detailing Barr In

a Memo about “We didn’t conclude anything

because ya told us legally we Couldn’t. But if

congress Wants to They likely will”. Woooow

No “Exoneration” & most Important a call to

action By Mueller directed at Congress. Your

Move Madam Speaker. Shit, Even FOX, Said

today “It was Not as the President Says Time

time again “No Collusion, no Obstruction”, it


was much more nuanced then that he said if

they “Found” The President Was Innocent of

obstruction they would’ve said so” Oooooops

NOTE: Trump & Republicans Are Not Only Going To Lose
Their “Tiny Collective Minds” Today. They Will Be Dizzied
at any Spin Against Mueller’s own Words. It is a bad day
For Them, That Will ONLY Get Way Worse for Them Daily

Have a day!


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