In news from across the “pond” Theresa May is

now OUT. Gone. Finished. Over. And now We’ll

(<-Bye Bye!)

see Which Lunatic “No Deal, Hard Brexitter”, Is

frothing at the Mouth to Take Over. Forget that

the EU said they will not have any more no deal

discussions. The far Right wing Trumpian Idiots

have lost All Credibility, will Not Hold the levers

of power much more & will All Be Drummed out

of office faster than they Came in. Sanity simply

says now we Are at The No Deal (Which Legally

can’t Happen) Vs. No Brexit. So, No Brexit it IS!

Speaking of People “Legally fucked” we have an

(We know!)

Orange Anus now fighting a 17 front legal war &

getting his Fat, Ignorant, Incoherent Ass Kicked

daily! He Has LOST 94% of his legal battles and

that’s just since he came into office. That means

he has a 6% Success Rate. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Ahem, The Legal “Average” Rate, is Around 70%

NOTE: Supreme Court Intentionally Ignores The Abortion
Issue. The Main Reason?!?!? This is Roberts Court and He
Won’t Be The Vote, to overturn it. If He Were Too, They’d
Have Already Moved, on Hearing It. Not, ‘Punting’ on This,
Means Roberts sees his Name “ruined” by History so he Is
Wants to Avoid All This Divisive Shit, Until Well After 2020
NOTE: Republicans Felon, Killer, & Sociopath Duncan Dick
Bag Hunter Is A Convicted Felon Who, Now Sticks Up FOR
War Criminals Who Murder Others, Then Pose With Them
For “Pictures”. Ohhhhhh Boy, Immoral Fucks Of A Feather

Have a day!

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