What Trump, & His Republican Sycophants

are Doing Is Clear. Tell Article I of OUR US


Constitution, Along With ‘House Democrats’

to “Fuck off!”. And up to now, they are ALL

letting Him. If you Tell a Child “If you do X,

you will face Y as the Consequences”. Then

you BEST Follow Through, or it is Less than

meaningless. It ‘Emboldens’ the Child. Welp

This is Where were At Today Folks. McGahn

didn’t Show ‘Up Today’, at Trumps Demand

If Democrats just scold, make statements &

(No Show)

write “Letters”, this will get worse. And it is

already at historically unprecedented levels

never Seen before. Your “move” Democrats

NOTE: R-Ben Carson A Paid “Actor” Doesn’t Know Basic
Shit About His Own Job. Well No Shit!?!? He’s a big Shill

Have a day!

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