The Food Network fired Paula “Butter Ass” Deen for Type II


style of institutionalized racism. Look, it isn’t just a “slip up”

This isn’t like Michael Richards, or “Dog the Bounty Hunter”

It also is not just someone who said/did this in the past. If it

were the case, I would be WAAAY more forgiving here people

That’s not the case here. She bonked a Friday morning Today

Show interview with Matty Lauer knowing she was gonna get

(it’s not butter?)

chewed up and spit out badly. They changed the date to this

Wednesday, so buckle up & be ready for the fireworks of our

lifetime. See, it’s hard to apologize for “Southern Plantation

Hate” and her “racial discrimination law suit” when she just

fucking did it to Lisa Jackson 3 years ago. Whoooooooooops

She even tried a half-fat-assed apology that came of so bad

Then she did another one, trying to explain her “racist hate”

The bottom line, was she is trying to save her $ & her career

(run racist run)

after being so racially hateful in her workplace according to a

lawsuit filed by Lisa Jackson. She is “TOAST”, and it’s all over

Blackhawks WON big 3-1 on Saturday. They look to close out

the Stanley Cup tonight. Towes might be out, but so will their

guy in Bergeron. Such an amazing series so far. Kudos to the

Bruins for playing so well, but hurry up boys, we’re SO thirsty

(Go hawks!)

Update: Towes skated around today, & will play in game 6!!!

Tomorrow: gay equal protection law will ruled on this week

Have a day!

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