My New Hero!

May 12th, 2009

Wanda Sykes was awesome. That’s what a comedian looks like. Rush-a-roni is no comedian. He’s a neo-conservative leader with a mic. He is the punch line…

wanda-with-hand.jpg(All that’s missing is a latex glove)


She said, “Rush Limbaugh, ‘I hope the country fails’-I hope his kidneys fail, how about that?”. You tell the truth, then turn them into jokes. Her best line of the night was referring to Hannity’s offer to be waterboarded, she scoffed, “Hell, I can break Sean Hannity just by giving him a middle seat in coach.”


the-comic-book-guy-pondering.gif(Thanks Comic Book Guy)

What does Obama do? Distance himself from the 9/11 comment. He’s playing politics and honestly that’s a silly thing to do here. I understand the entire “Don’t give a radical right any rope to call him Un-American”, but she’s a comedian for fucks sake. It’s what we do. We’re equal opportunity offenders…

She ripped on Obama, Michelle, Biden, & Peolsi too…

“I think you hang out too much. What was that, you and Joe Biden out gettin’ hamburgers? The two of you can’t hang out together! I mean whose idea was that? Nancy Pelosi? ‘Hey, why don’t you boys go out and get a bite?’ You know she was a Hillary supporter, what’s wrong with you?”

missing-teeth-laugh.jpg(Missing teeth laughter is the best)

We provoke, we think, we challenge. Here’s the clip to watch and judge for yourself…

comedy_mic.jpg(Never lick the mic, it’s rude)

I loved it because I am one, but clearly I’m biased as shit…

Hawks Win

They advance to the conferance finals against the Red Wings or Ducks. They won last night 7-5. I haven’t seen that much scoring on ice since the porn Blades Of Whorey

blackhawks-win.jpg(“Get in here buddy, I love your soup!”)

Partick Kane is only 20 years-old. He can’t rent a car or buy beer yet, but can win a big ass cup filled with it. Anyone else find that a tad odd?

Have a day!

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