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State Of The Disunion…

January 13th, 2016

If you’re still a Republican today, you hate anything Obama does. Even that (“Suck it!”) ‘Shit’ You Actually LIKED Before. But, since he did/offered it, that’s now bad Tax cuts good; & when Obama does it Bad. Military action always good; and when the Obama does it-bad. The shit they normally ‘like’ isn’t ever accepted […]

By now, you have seen the PIC of Sean Penn shaking hands with “Drug Kingpin” (Herp Derp!) “El Chapo” by now. He was writing a BIG piece on him for Rolling Stone. That isn’t an issue. When you write a story, let that STORY be the lead, not the Actor doing a Grin & Greet, […]

ZING! By now ya have all probably Heard about the Netflix original docudrama style (It’s good!) Episodic Called Making A Murderer. It is so good. Honestly, watch it. But it got me just thinking………making out with a murderer is way creepier. Because you don’t know if it’s sexy fun, or you’re the next victim. Right!?! […]

What’s 500,000 lbs, lies, & is so breath takingly stupid? Congress! What do we (Do Nothing Part II) win?!?!?!?! Oh right a REPUBLICAN run Congress. The loud mouthed do nothin’ children are tryin’ to repeal Obamacare for the 62nd time. And it will FAIL as it always has. They clearly Don’t even get how Government […]

Obama Goes It Alone…

January 6th, 2016

Seems anyone trying any rational Gun Control these days, will be attacked by (Yep) Rabid Hateful Bigoted Right. And now that the NRA, & “Gun maker lobby” all paid off most of Congress, they all will never do a fucking thing about it. Welp Obama will. And, he will use the Usual executive order to […]

You can’t shake a stick at the Republican Armed Dipshits these days without a gun (Please!!!) being put in your face. They are now ALL Occupying a Federal Building. And, what name is a focal one? Cliven Bundy’s KID! And they’re getting a 93% DISCOUNT as of today. Why are they doing this?!? Well the […]

Merry Nude Year!

January 4th, 2016

It’s 2016 so that means a brand new year is now underway with new things to see & (Yes, we know) talk about. And with the same Old Shit we have always come to know about. First off we have: “Y’allQaeda” & “VanillaISIS” just happening AGAIN. Nothing Like A “Bunch” of old, white, fat, fully […]

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