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Nothing says “Outrage”, like “Selective Outrage” from hypocritical lying assholes. It is like “Bitching” at your (Sign it Harry) neighbor for not turning their music down as you have Styx jamming out at 140 decibels shaking the windows Democratic Senate Leader Harry “Lil’ Bitch” Reid, had this to say bout Billionaire Mega Donor Shelly Adelson: […]

Boko Haram & Twin Turds

May 14th, 2014

When I say “Boko Haram”, what comes to your mind?!?!? God bless you?!?!? Or what Jay-Z yelled when Solange hit (yes) him in the elevator? It turns out there is a “group” of these religious extremist assbags in Nigeria who kidnapped 200 school girls. Ohhhhh, that’s royally fucked up. They are an Islamic Extremist Salafi-jihadi […]

Openly gay player Michael Sam, was drafted over the past weekend making him the 1st openly gay player in the NFL (big moment) He was the 249th overall pick. That’s 7th from the bottom And, the main reason? He had one bad combine, one good And him being gay didn’t help with certain teams no […]

Do you think the Smothers Brothers have ‘Smothers Day’ instead of Mothers Day?! Yeah me neither. But, speaking (True) of Mother, what’s blue, has a donkey & has a big pussy?!? Bingo, the Demcratic Party of today!!! Obama and Senate Judicial Selection chairman Pat Leahy are allowed to pick the Federals judges in each state. […]

We are still IN the NFL draft right now. But, how about, we all start “drafting babies” like we do top tier athletes (Crib Escape Drill) You can have a combine, evaluation process, visits, and finally Draft Day. Think about it… always wanted to draft that Lil’ ‘Cuban child’ to go be in the baseball […]

Sorry, No Blog Today…

May 8th, 2014

I’ve been dealing with my Mom, who is in the hospital She is having heart problems & it’s a full time job right now. I’ll post tomorrow. Til then, rock your days where ever they may be. Oh never slap a cop; it’s good advice Have a day!

It seems, today’s Republican party is not in the “mood” to pass any laws. Really, aside from undoing “all things Obama” (even (yes we are) the shit they like) they’re not doing a thing. They are the worst Congress in United States history. Let that sink in for moment Now comes a minimum wage debate. […]

It seems that the TeaOP, FOX, & right wing hate media only have two ‘modes’: Obama is X, or Benghazi/IRS/Insert Fake (The TeaOP) Scandal Witch Hunt To Hurt Obama. So why make “shit up” when there’s actually stupid shit he has already done?!?!!?!?! You know, stuff like NSA, drones, kill lists, etc. Well, because they […]

Leave it to Alabama’s Chief Justice Roy Moore to point out (“I’m an idiot”) that the 1st amendment’s now only for “Christian’s”. Ohhh how neat. Nothing sadder, odder or funnier than all the big idiots spewing nonsense when camera’s are rolling. Thanks “Buddha didn’t create us, Mohammed didn’t create us, it was the God of […]

If Fish Could Talk…

May 2nd, 2014

Just think of how much fun it would be at first to have (Say what?) your fish able to talk. It’d be awesome for a while but it would get old fast. Soon we’d have Fish sportcasters Fish Lawyers, Telemarketers, voice overs, & Politicians It is only a matter of time before we have a […]

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