Nothing says “Outrage”, like “Selective Outrage” from

hypocritical lying assholes. It is like “Bitching” at your

(Sign it Harry)

neighbor for not turning their music down as you have

Styx jamming out at 140 decibels shaking the windows

Democratic Senate Leader Harry “Lil’ Bitch” Reid, had

this to say bout Billionaire Mega Donor Shelly Adelson:

“I know Sheldon Adelson   —   he’s not in this for money,
he’s in it because he has certain ideological views. Now,
Shelden Adelson, his social views are in keeping with the
Democrats on choice, on all kinds of things. So, Sheldon
Adelson, don’t pick on him—he’s not in it to make money”

For a guy blasting the Koch’s badly Chuck Todd queried

(I’m good again)

“Are you really going to selectively decide, ‘Well, I like this
billionaire because that billionaire agrees with my agenda,
but I don’t like that billionaire & so billionaires are bad for
politics………..You can’t have selective billionaire outrage.”

Great point. You can’t yell, “Those ‘billionaires’ beating

us are ‘evil’ & the sames one’s giving us $ are ALL great!”

I’ve been critical of Chucky Todd here before. THIS, was

actual journalism, & that is something to be SO proud of

(Adelson’s R’s)

Tomorrow: Should They Do “Jetpack or Skydiving Porn”

Clip Of The Day-Check out this Cat “Hero” saving a boy

Have a day!

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