Openly gay player Michael Sam, was drafted over the past

weekend making him the 1st openly gay player in the NFL

(big moment)

He was the 249th overall pick. That’s 7th from the bottom

And, the main reason? He had one bad combine, one good

And him being gay didn’t help with certain teams no doubt

But that’s not the biggest pushback from him being picked

It was “The Kiss”. That evil, sloppy, vile, disgustingly WET

smooch. Of course, it wasn’t all those things. It was simply

what everyone else drafted does, kissing their girlfriend, or

spouse, or mom’s, hugging, & celebrating. There is no such

thing as straight kiss, or a gay kiss. It is simply…a kiss. And


the world reacted. Most good, & some very bad. Miami guy

Don Jones tweeted “Horrible”. He was fined, deleted it and

apologized for it. Then ex-running back Derrick Ward said:

“National tv is disgusting. Gay or not. Man U got lil kids lookin
at the draft. I can’t believe ESPN even allowed this to happen”

Stay classy religious bigot nutter! He went to the St. Louis

Rams, who got a hell of a player. Their coach, ex-Bear Jeff

Fischer knows Defense, & likes the quality player they got!

It was a historic moment, one that makes the haters HATE

(< ignorance)

and the best in society smile. Afterall only love will rule the

day. And to tiny, sad, smallminded bigoted people; it stings

The Sterling Turd

When racists get caught for being overtly what they are, it’s

time to lie, & pretend THIS was the only time. Umm, no all

(pity me)

you bigoted fuckwits. You own it. Ol’ Donald decided to try

the usual “Non-Apology Apology” right on que with bullshit

“I’m not a racist. I made a terrible mistake.
I’m here to apologize. Am I entitled to one
mistake, am I after 35 years? I mean, I love
my league, I love my partners. Am I entitled
to one mistake?!?!? It’s a terrible mistake, &
I’ll never do it again. I caused the problem.
I don’t know how to correct it”

That’s not an apology to the minorities he hurts. He made an

excuse of, “I am sorry I got caught owners, let it slide!”. He is

an unapologetic racist asshole. If he’s truly sorry then sell the

team, & donate HALF of the profits, to racial equality. THEN

and only then could he ever be believed. Until then…..just go

(Donald’s life)

off, & die old man. He’s a big sterling turd now flushed down

the toilet of life. Enjoy the ride, & make sure to spray after it!

Tomorrow: Benham Bros, & The Face Of Nigerian Terrorism

Have a day!

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